U.S. faces another big test in pursuit of China’s cover-up of the outbreak

On June 3, the U.S. media suddenly revealed thousands of emails from Anthony Fauci, the White House chief epidemic prevention advisor, and the different views within the U.S. on the blame for the epidemic surfaced. The different views on the blame for the epidemic surfaced, or rather, the real attitude of the U.S. towards the Chinese Communist Party is under intense discussion.

Once again, the U.S. is undergoing a serious test around accountability for the Chinese Communist regime. There are many who, out of justice, are pushing for action to be taken as soon as possible; there should be many who, out of “political correctness,” have to go along with it but are not actually involved; and of course there are those who still try to avoid similar topics. What steps the U.S. government will eventually take is not only related to the overall strategic layout of the Chinese Communist Party, but is also closely tied to the national fortunes of the United States.

The current tracing of the origin of the virus seems to focus primarily on whether the virus came out of a laboratory, or whether the CCP was making a biological weapon. The exposed Fauci emails confirm that there are indeed people who are reluctant to accept such speculation, apparently not based on scientific logic or assertion, but rather on another form of “political correctness,” and there appear to be few such people. The revelation of Fauci’s emails shows that some of those who had insisted on such “political correctness” had to start changing their attitude because of the new “politically correct” wind.

Whether or not the Fauci revelations are scapegoats or diversions, there is a critical shift taking place within the United States that should have something to do with how the strategy against the Chinese Communist Party is determined. For many, the question of how exactly to confront the CCP is indeed a thorny one, and the likely approach of trying to avoid, or evade, the issue is now apparently increasingly unavoidable.

The Biden administration’s request for a report on the origins of the CCP virus, which finally came more than four months after taking office, is not only several beats too slow, but still misses the key point, with obvious facts like the CCP’s concealment of the outbreak never being given the most prominence.

Whether the virus came from a laboratory or not, the CCP’s concealment of the epidemic is what led to its spread to the United States and the world. For the United States, the Chinese Communist Party deliberately spread the virus to the United States in what was effectively a biological warfare tactic. Whether the natural source of the virus was eventually found, or whether it was intentionally or unintentionally sourced from the laboratory, the real and horrific conspiracy is not just whether the CCP created the virus, but whether it deliberately spread the virus to the U.S. and the world, knowing that the epidemic had already broken out. This is the crux of the case.

If it is proven that the virus was not made in a laboratory, the CCP will still be guilty of the crime; if the virus did come from a laboratory, the CCP will be more guilty. The investigation of the source of the virus is no substitute for the investigation of the CCP’s concealment of the epidemic, and the facts of the CCP’s concealment of the epidemic are basically clear, and the basis for accountability is sufficient.

Most people can see clearly the sinister intentions of the Chinese Communist Party, and the biggest target of the Chinese Communist Party in seeking hegemony with the epidemic is undoubtedly the United States. The Communist Party’s long-term goal is to oppose the United States and bring down the United States. The Chinese Communist Party is still continuing the Mao-era theory of nuclear war, and is not afraid to kill half of the Chinese people as long as it destroys the United States.

More than a year after Wuhan was sealed off, the CCP top brass internally asserted that “the East is rising and the West is falling,” and publicly stated that “the time and situation are on our side” and insisted that they had waited for “the great change of the century. After the new U.S. government took office, it did not send a timely signal to pursue the epidemic, which caused a serious misjudgment by the Chinese Communist Party, and the top management of the Communist Party should think that the U.S. is really failing.

The CCP deliberately concealed the epidemic, spread the virus, and also premeditatedly scavenged medical supplies from all over the world in advance; then sold them at high prices while attaching political conditions and asking for thanks; it also kept dumping the blame and even mocking countries for copying their homework. Under the continuous offensive planned by the CCP, almost only the Trump administration has launched a counterattack, and Australia has also raised its voice in question, and has been repeatedly retaliated and coerced by the CCP.

As we enter 2021, the CCP continues to engage in vaccine diplomacy after again toying with the WHO’s so-called virus traceability investigation. Although relations between the CCP and the US and Western countries have further stalled, and the US is uniting its allies against the CCP, it is still more on the defensive and has so far not launched a strong counterattack against the CCP’s repeated offensives; the new US administration has not even mentioned the epidemic traceability, and currently Biden is only calling for a virus source investigation, not a factual investigation of the CCP’s concealment of the epidemic.

Compared to the investigation report on the source of the virus, the investigation report on the Chinese Communist Party’s concealment of the epidemic is the main basis for accountability. So far, public opinion within the United States still seems to have failed to grasp the key core of the concealment of the epidemic, but rather dwells more on the source of the virus, so how can the Chinese Communist Party not be pleased with the delay in initiating accountability for the epidemic? How can the Communist Party not misjudge that the United States is powerless?

Ignoring the CCP’s concealment of the outbreak and discussing more about the source of the virus vaguely reveals a new “politically correct” trend, which may be the background of Forsythe’s emails. Such a change is actually similar to the U.S. government’s response to the CCP’s aggression.

The Chinese Communist Party has publicly stated that “the U.S. is the cause of the world’s woes” and has launched a “diatribe” against the U.S. It has also stated outright that it does not recognize the leadership of the U.S. and is trying to rule the world itself. Under such circumstances, the U.S. has only called the CCP its biggest competitor. Faced with the CCP’s continuous offensive, U.S. officials at all levels have started to make some tough statements, but the U.S. obviously lacks strong countermeasures, and naturally cannot make the CCP really restrain itself.

On June 4, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “I hope the U.S. side will do what the Chinese side did… and invite WHO experts to the U.S. to conduct a traceability study.” On June 5, the People’s Daily, a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, published an article, “Trace the source of the virus, ask the U.S. to accept the WHO investigation.

The U.S. government’s avoidance of accountability for the outbreak did not translate into concessions from the CCP. Just as some experts and the WHO tried to exchange “cooperation” gestures for some of the CCP’s information, if the U.S. cannot break away from its so-called “engagement” policy and even tries to try a different kind of “engagement “Such “political correctness” will be harmful to the United States.

This plague, which has killed more than 610,000 Americans, infected more than 34.2 million people, and devastated the economy, if it does not wake the United States up, learn its lessons, and re-establish a strong counter-strategy against the CCP, the future of the United States is in jeopardy.

The root cause of the Chinese Communist virus is the Chinese Communist regime. More Americans need to come out of “political correctness” around the investigation of the source of the virus, and more importantly, the investigation and accountability of the CCP’s concealment of the epidemic; otherwise, not only will the U.S. continue to be a world leader, but even the U.S. national fortunes will be on a downward spiral. The stabilization of the epidemic in the United States is good news, but there is another serious test that can no longer be avoided.