The paradox of history

June 4 is a turning point in contemporary China, where history has come to a point where the fate of China is determined by turning to the left or to the right.

Why did June 4 break out? Because there was still a general sense of justice and responsibility among the Chinese people. There were social injustices and chronic problems in the system, and hundreds of millions of people, initiated by students, stood up to the government and made political demands for deeper reforms.

The social conflicts that had accumulated in the early days of reform and opening up erupted through the fortuitous event of Hu Yaobang’s death. The students’ sense of justice infected one billion Chinese people, and peaceful demonstrations broke out in every province and city in the country. Everyone had the cry of “the rise and fall of the nation is the responsibility of every man,” and everyone believed that if the people were united, justice would prevail.

When the grandmother stopped the military car on Chang’an Street, she was in tears. She only knew that there was no justice for soldiers to enter the city and shoot students. When the Chinese Communist Party and the military, there were people who prevented the suppression, and the commander of the 38th Army, Xu Qinxian, was imprisoned for years for disobeying orders. An ordinary Chinese does not need to be persuaded and mobilized, everyone knows which side to take.

Deng Xiaoping’s ultimate choice of armed repression to keep the CCP in power was the same idea as his initial choice to end the Cultural Revolution and implement openness. Without reform after the Cultural Revolution, the CCP would have perished, and without suppression on June 4, the CCP would have perished as well, and Deng Xiaoping would have done anything to preserve the CCP’s iron-clad power.

The June Fourth Incident not only knocked down the reform force within the CCP and society, but also consumed the little sense of justice left in the Chinese people. Since then, fewer and fewer people cared about the fate of the nation, intellectuals succumbed to cynical philosophy, and Chinese people chose to accept reality and anesthetize their souls in pursuit of materialistic pleasures after they had cried in pain.

Originally, Deng planned to make limited political reforms without endangering the CCP’s dominance, which was also in line with the expectations of Western politicians for the CCP. Unfortunately, the June 4 incident broke Deng Xiaoping’s design, and Wen Jiabao occasionally looks up at the starry sky, but unfortunately the starry sky is still the same, and the iron house is still the same iron house.

History made a big turn on June 4 and I don’t know when it will turn back again. June 4 exhausted the Chinese people’s sense of justice, since then the home is their own, the country is the Chinese Communist Party, after that it is impossible to happen again June 4, what will happen, we can not imagine.