Not a conspiracy theory now?

The U.S. winds changed dramatically, the White House ordered a thorough investigation of the source of the Gopher XIX virus, limiting the intelligence services for three months, Biden finally did not believe the report submitted by the WHO. A time the U.S. left wing also added into a mouth, have denounced the Wuhan laboratory.

One of the medical consultant Fauci, by phrenology a look, when a cunning character. On that day Trump spoke as president, Fauci stood by the side and squinted, a rather dark face, but the Western mainstream media treated Fauci as a lucky star and Trump as a sweeper. When Trump, with a businessman’s touch, smelled that the kook standing next to him was not right and claimed to dismiss him, the left wing of the mainstream media all stepped up to start a “protect Fudge and discuss Trump campaign”.

The problem in the United States is not whether Fauci has concealed the truth, not who ordered the Gover virus research (when Obama was president), the United States will be the name of the institution funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology virologist Dazak, there is no money from China, there is no through Fauci this White House secret line, resist President Trump, kidnapped the medical community, so that the Western mainstream scientists dare not mention ” laboratory leak theory”.

The problem in the United States is that in one year, CNN and the New York Times, Facebook and YouTube plus Twitter have made the so-called “lab poison theory” the target of a censorship ban, and YouTube has added a yellow label.

The reason for the ban is that the “lab poisoning” theory is a conspiracy theory that lacks scientific basis, causes public panic, and involves racism.

Then many UFOs in the past few decades, alleged to be aliens poking around on Earth, and the so-called Area 51 and Roswell alien corpses in the United States, all are conspiracy theories, and the public is just as frightened by the fate of mankind, and the mainstream media and social media sites have never blocked a single word.

Because this “conspiracy theory” was put forward by Trump’s cabinet. The Democrats and the left see Trump as public enemy number one. “Whatever the enemy embraces, we must oppose”, so Trump has become Ibsen’s public enemy of the people dramatis personae.

Trump is the anti-establishment zygote. And the American pharmaceutical industry, the virus research industry, Wall Street, and the Democratic Party are the establishment alliance with vested interests. This establishment alliance has outsourced virus research to China like T-shirts and jeans and Nike production lines, very imaginative.

It is this establishment alliance that is now turning its back on China. But if it was leaked from a mainland laboratory, there are only two possibilities: “intentional leak” and “negligent leak. In the former case, people’s military network has released a monograph on over-the-top warfare against the United States, which the U.S. embassy could not be unaware of. In the latter case, the American-educated Hu Shih has long since decided that “Mr. Almost” is a sloppy nationalist. Therefore, if the United States is willing to outsource this kind of research to China, it is like a three-year-old child visiting the zoo and walking into the tiger cage to play bull riding with the tiger.

For a year, the left-wing in the United States has had a bitter hatred for Trump, which has cost 600,000 lives. Now you want to turn back? Haha. It’s hard.