Empty Victoria Park is full of mourning around the light of June 4 police dispersed the people back to scold, detained 6 people

Hong Kong police to arrest the June 4 candlelight vigil officiantes, closed the Victoria Park, stationed heavy troops, issued warnings and other means to prohibit Hong Kong people to mourn the 32nd anniversary of the June 4 incident, but there are still many people holding candles, electronic candles or light up cell phone lights, in the candlelight vigil mourning time in the vicinity of the Victoria Park, but still driven away by the police, so that Hong Kong people spend a different June 4 mourning. Some people had shouted “restoration of Hong Kong” and other anti-revisionist slogans, the police raised flags to warn and drive away the crowd, which attracted public scolding. Many people criticized the police for overreacting, but at the same time said that the police crackdown will instead make people know and remember June 4.

The police issued a press release late at night, saying that there were people gathering in different areas to commit crimes, as of 10 p.m., six people have been arrested, saying they are suspected of inciting others to participate in illegal assembly, assault, criminal damage, disorderly conduct and obstructing the office. Arrested four men and two women aged between 20 and 75 years old. In addition, the police also violated the order to limit the gathering of 12 people for the reason of the ticket. However, the police did not explain whether the six arrested include this morning to incite others to participate in the illegal assembly of the Vice Chairman of the Alliance, Zou Xingtong.

This year is the first “June 4” mourning day after the “Hong Kong National Security Law” came into effect, the police used the epidemic as a reason to prohibit the Alliance from holding a candlelight vigil in Victoria Park on the 32nd anniversary of the “June 4 incident”, and for the first time invoked the Public Order Ordinance to enclose the soccer field and basketball court in Victoria Park, and In the Victoria Park around the deployment of thousands of police officers and police vehicles, and in the cross-harbour tunnel entrances and exits to intercept the vehicle to Hong Kong Island, and even the use of water cannon vehicles to stand guard, in order to warn people not to go to the Victoria Park mourning.

The reporter saw at the scene, almost twenty steps there is a group of police officers present at the guard, the security of the strict, and 2019 anti-revision campaign tension period similar. But the police’s high-profile security did not hinder the public who insisted on mourning. At close to 7:00 p.m., the former candlelight vigil host of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (HKASPDMC), Ms. Ming-wei Li, and another woman surnamed Wang were rounded up by a dozen police officers for questioning when they attempted to enter the Victoria Park with white flowers in their hands.

Student group handing out leaflets arrested church mass held safely

Near 8 p.m., many people were walking around Victoria Park with candles, electronic candles or lit cell phones, many of whom were dressed in black and even wearing black masks. When the police saw people gathered, they immediately raised flags to warn and drive the crowd away from the Victoria Park area, causing public discontent. When, said Ms. Tam, the police even sitting outside the cordoned off benches on the elders also drive away, light up the cell phone, they have to turn off the phone, rude attitude, but also hold up the camera, but also threatened the public, said if not obeyed, will be charged with misconduct, so the elders feel the pressure, described the police action “too outrageous”. But she and another came to mourn the Chung Siu-hong believe that the police approach like an enemy, will only make people remember June 4, and some young people originally did not know the June 4 incident, may also know that today is a special day. Mr. Chen said, if there is no police air group, there will be no problem, because the June 4 party has been held peacefully in the past, the police action is greatly dissatisfied.

A cab driver who picked up the reporter could not be there, but still dressed in black dead “to work”, he said he came to Hong Kong from mainland China, “we have forgotten June 4, thanks to the people of Hong Kong still remember this day, really have feelings and righteousness, no wonder Hong Kong developed.”

The police also said that in Causeway Bay Percival Street area there are black-clad demonstrators gathered, some people shouted anti-revision slogans, and some people threw garbage and garbage cans and other miscellaneous objects into the road, blocking traffic, the police removed miscellaneous objects, while dispersing the crowd.

In addition, Mong Kok, a major shopping mall near a number of people gathered, many people dressed in black were intercepted, set up a street station in the district of Soy Street to distribute leaflets of the student organization “Xianxue Sijing”, its convener Wang Yizhang more allegedly caused the public to assemble, its convener Wang Yizhang was arrested and sent to the Mong Kok Police Station. During this time, some people shouted slogans such as “national self-improvement, Hong Kong independence” and “the restoration of Hong Kong, the revolution of the times”, and were warned by the police with purple flags, saying that those present may have violated national security laws. The police not only set up security in popular areas, but even as far away as the Sai Kung waterfront in the New Territories, there were candles and posters with “Hong Kong People’s June Fourth Footprint” on them, which were surrounded and driven away by the police, causing great discontent among the participants.

However, the “Mass in Memory of the Dead” organized by the Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Church in seven churches was generally held smoothly, including St. Andrew’s Church, where retired Bishop Joseph Zen of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong presided over the Mass, with more than 300 people attending. Police officers advised them to leave in order to avoid violating the order, but did not respond with force.

Before that, someone put up a banner in front of the church where the mass was held and wrote the words “cult” and “false prophet” next to what appeared to be a portrait of Chen Zhigun, saying “worship in the name of inciting disorder” and “reminding” the church of its role. ” and “reminded” the faithful to “be careful not to be caught in violation of the National Security Law”.

In 1989, the school movement in Beijing was triggered by the death of former General Secretary Hu Yaobang and later turned into a pro-democracy movement, which lasted for more than a month and ended with Beijing’s deployment of the People’s Liberation Army to clear the site in the early morning of June 4.