New phenomenon: several people in Hubei did not contract the disease but weakly positive experts say “vaccine spillover”

In Qianjiang City, Hubei Province, China, four people returning from key areas of the outbreak were found to have weakly positive COVID-19 nucleic acid tests, which experts concluded were caused by “spillage” when medical staff vaccinated the people. The official report did not mention the specifics of the “vaccine spill”. The official said that the new pneumonia vaccines currently available in China are inactivated vaccines, which carry the virus itself but have been specially treated to reduce toxicity and have no ability to replicate or be infectious.

According to the Central News Agency today cited news reports that China’s Qianjiang City, Hubei Province, recently found four people returning from key areas of the epidemic of the new coronary pneumonia virus nucleic acid test results were weakly positive, experts judged that the medical personnel for the vaccination of the person “spillover” caused. According to Hong Kong 01 today quoted official information, the so-called “spill” is “spilled”, mainland China is currently providing the new coronavirus vaccine are inactivated vaccine, the vaccine itself with the virus, but after special treatment, the toxicity is greatly reduced and no replication capacity, infectious. The news source quoted an official notice as saying that

The news quoted the official notification that Qianjiang City on the 3rd to the key areas of the return of the virus nucleic acid screening, found that there are four people returning home nucleic acid test results were weakly positive. The city government then immediately launched an emergency response to the area of residence to implement closed management and full nucleic acid screening. the morning of June 4, Hubei Province experts rushed to Qianjiang to guide the disposal of the above four people for three consecutive sampling, nucleic acid test results are negative. Each person has now been concentrated in the designated hospital isolation medical observation, no related symptoms, negative serum antibodies, chest computer tomography scan and routine blood tests are normal.

In addition, the nucleic acid test results of a total of 309 residents in the area where the above four people live were all negative, as were the results of 115 environmental samples from the places involved in the activity trails.

According to the report, the official notification finally pointed out that after epidemiological investigation and laboratory testing, the working environment of the medical staff who sampled the four people and the sample transfer box were found to be positive for nucleic acid, which was judged to be due to the “spillover” of the vaccine when the medical staff carried out the virus vaccination and was not infectious.