Forty Years of Prison Break

There is a bird that can never be shut up, because every feather of it, shines with the light of freedom.

— The Shawshank Redemption

I. Wronged

In 1961, Lu Guangyi was 13 years old.

His father, who used to be the director of the Xi’an City Art Gallery during the Kuomintang era, was punished for being a Kuomintang member, so he lost his job after liberation, and afterwards did some odd jobs on his own to make ends meet.

My father was an orphan and was adopted by a German missionary. He was adopted because he was very tall, 5’9″ as an adult, and stood among the people at that time with the feeling of being a crane. The missionaries taught him German and English, and sent him to school to learn Chinese. Because the missionaries gave him a gold pen, he was nicknamed “Gold Pen Rus”. As a man of considerable culture, he married a rich lady who had studied at the university and became the director of a group art museum, which was a great success for a while. This is all pre-history, of course.

By this year, Jin Pen Lu’s daughter Lu Lijuan 19 years old, before because of the sweet voice and beautiful appearance, the examination to the provincial opera institute cadet class, and then pour voice unsuccessful, can not sing, so assigned to the West Film as an actor, living in a single dormitory. And Jin Pen Lu himself, together with his wife, was escorted to a designated place to undergo labor reform. Although not a sentence, but not much better than the prisoners. Only Lu Guangyi, a 13-year-old boy, was left in the family.

At that time, the famine had not yet passed, and people with good roots did not have enough to eat, so Lu Guangyi was a child of the Black Five, so naturally he had nothing to eat. He was so hungry that he couldn’t stand it, so he ran from Xianyang to Xi’an on a Saturday afternoon to find his sister.

Lu Guangyi arrived in Xi’an in the evening, with only one or two cents on him. At that time, the traffic was not easy, so it was impossible to go to Xi’an Film Factory at night to look for his sister. So Lu Guangyi ran to the Wuyi Hotel outside the Heping Gate on Yanta Road, looking for a place to sleep.

The janitor of the May Day Hotel charged him 10 cents and let him sleep on a long chair in the lobby of the hotel. The next morning, Lu Guangyi left the hotel and went to find his sister Lu Lijuan on Xiyang Road.

The sister saw her brother, and happy and heartbroken, she took him to dinner, and bought him new clothes. Before parting, the sister gave some money to Lu Guangyi, let him go back to Xianyang.

Lu Guangyi had enough money to eat, so he wanted to stroll around the Big Wild Goose Pagoda before going back. When he was idling around in front of Ci’en Temple, someone suddenly called his name: “Guangyi”. He looked up and saw that it was his father’s former foster son.

The son had also come to visit Xi’an City on the weekend. The two exchanged pleasantries, and Lu Guangyi took the initiative to pay for his son’s food, and then parted ways.

Who knows that when Lu Guangyi returned home to Xianyang, just before dawn, the police have knocked on the door.

It turns out that last weekend night, Lu’s family is located in the precinct of a burglary case, the victim’s home lost a leather coat and a radio. This is nothing today, but fifty years ago, it was an important case of theft of a huge amount. The police looked for suspects everywhere, and children of the Black Five like Lu Guangyi were, of course, the first to be suspected.

The police went from house to house to ask questions and found the righteous son. The son said he met Lu Guangyi in Xi’an, and said that Lu Guangyi was wearing new clothes, very rich look.

A little kid whose parents were not at home and lived alone, where did he get the money to buy new clothes and treat people to food? The police immediately felt that there was something fishy about it, so they arrested Lu Guangyi and put him in the police station.

Lu Guangyi was held in the police station for two days, and he refused to admit that he was a thief. The police asked him: Since you said you were in Xi’an for the weekend, where did you live? What did you do? Lu Guangyi said everything.

So the police went to Xi’an to investigate, the results of the May Day Hotel janitor, insisted that he had never seen this person Lu Guangyi. Because he secretly received a dime from Lu Guangyi, private stay with him, is the act of false public charity, so he denied it. No more witnesses, Lu Guangyi weekend is not at the scene of the crime there is no sufficient evidence. And after that Lu Lijuan, because she is an immediate family member, her testimony was not accepted by the police, so Lu Guangyi was found to be a burglar.

The police kept Lu Guangyi in jail for another week, during which he refused to give an account, and the police kept him handcuffed in order to punish him. Because the handcuffs were so tight, both of Lu’s hands became black and purple. The inmates in the same cell complained to the police that the boy could not be handcuffed anymore, and that his hands would be ruined if he was handcuffed again. The police then opened the handcuffs for Lu Guangyi.

The police had to let him go home because of insufficient evidence.

However, although Lu Guangyi returned home, but he was arrested for theft suspicion, in the school became a street rat, was a black five, now even more unpopular. Lu Guangyi was ridiculed and bullied by his classmates everywhere, and he was furious and stopped going to school.

The bad kids in the neighborhood came to him and encouraged him to join the theft gang and steal things together. Lu Guangyi did not do it, he is good natured, not willing to do bad things. Regardless of how these chicken and dog thieves compelled, he was determined to be a good person.

In the subsequent crackdown soon after, this criminal gang was wiped out, in order to mitigate their own crimes, the main culprit of the gang explained that Lu Guangyi is also a member of the gang. So Lu Guangyi was caught for the second time.

This time his luck ran out.

At that time, the legal system is not sound, based on oral testimony witness testimony alone can be convicted. Lu Guangyi had no chance to plead, and was directly sentenced to three years in prison and sent to Xunyi prison.

Lu Guangyi is not convinced. He felt that he had not done anything bad, how come he was sentenced to three years? So he made up his mind that he would run away.

Xunyi prison is in the southernmost part of the northern Shanxi plateau, far from Guanzhong, and the conditions are harsher. For various reasons, not only criminal but also political prisoners are held here, as well as indefinable so-and-so prisoners. The prison was heavily guarded, but strangely left a conspicuous opening with lax defenses, from which many prisoners escaped to the outside, but most were shot – it was a trap, designed to lure prisoners in.

The inmates understood this. But the desire for freedom is so strong that drinking hemlock becomes an option. Although Lu Guangyi has seen many prisoners killed on the way to escape, he still decided to let go, not free rather than die.

He was a skinny kid, but in the end he was agile. Finally, one night, Lu Guangyi rushed out. Although the gunfire was incessant and tracer bullets were flying around after his buttocks, he disappeared unharmed into the night.

Lu Guangyi fled back to Xi’an. His idea was to go to Beijing to redress his grievances. However, at the Xi’an train station, while waiting for the train, he met a fellow prisoner who had returned late from visiting his family, and this guy reported him in order to take credit for avoiding an additional sentence. Before he could board the train, he was arrested and sent back to Xunyi prison.

This was his first jailbreak. After being captured and returned to prison, Lu Guangyi’s sentence became six years.

II. Escape

Lu Guangyi was taken back to Xunyi Prison, and because he was an escaped prisoner, not only was his sentence increased, but he was also put in solitary confinement, where he worked during the day and was kept alone at night – a category of strict supervision.

The confinement cell also holds a Shanghai-born water engineer. Because Xunyi prison is responsible for the construction of a reservoir and hydroelectric power station in the vicinity, the water engineer is responsible for the construction of the hydroelectric power station, the same mistake was confined to the solitary confinement. The engineer recognized Lu Guangyi and thought he was a good natured kid, so he applied to have Lu Guangyi as his assistant. When doing work, the two often chat, and gradually became good friends. Lu Guangyi learned a lot from the engineer, not only the knowledge of reservoir repair, but also the knowledge about the structure of the prison building.

After observing for a long time he found that through the room at the very top of the corridor of the confinement room he was in – the prison room where the Shanghai engineer was located – he was able to climb up to the roof, and with good timing and avoiding the sight of the guards, he was able to climb unknowingly near a high wall, and over the high wall was the place of freedom outside the prison.

Yet this was not quite a success. The engineer told him that there were many concealed stakes outside, and ambush guards, and that even if he went over the wall, he might still be shot. The engineer took great pains to describe to him the location of the concealed stakes and hidden posts, told him how to avoid them, and quickly crossed the open ground to the high post. Once he was on the high post, he was completely safe.

Lu Guangyi took it all to heart. He said to the engineer, let’s both run together. The engineer, however, refused to run. And told him clearly: you can run, I will not tell. This matter is your own business, and I have nothing to do.

So Lu Guangyi began to move. The only way he could leave the confinement cell was not through the door, but through the wall. At that time, the walls of the confinement room are dirt walls, Lu Guangyi the daily allotment of water accumulated, only drink a very small amount of water every day, the rest of the water is used to soak the wall, day after day, finally dug a hole in the wall.

In fact, the hole is not very big. But because Lu Guangyi is very thin, he himself can already drill through. Climbing out of the room, Lu Guangyi used a towel dipped in mud to plug the hole, quietly slipped under the engineer’s window and ascended to his window – because only from this window to the roof, to avoid the sight of the guards.

He had just ascended to the windowsill when his foot was suddenly grabbed by someone else.

Lu Guangyi’s heart was pounding, and he was afraid that the engineer would suddenly turn against the police. The engineer handed him a long string of sun-dried dried buns worn together, and gave him a pair of blue wool pants, the engineer said, the pants can be exchanged for some money, enough for you to run to Xi’an.

Lu Guangyi was so moved that he didn’t know what to say. He said goodbye to the engineer. He climbed up to the roof according to the pre-planned route, slipped along the ridge to the high wall, went over the wall to avoid the secret sentry, and ran towards the high post.

Between the prison and the high post, there was a reed bank. Hiding in the reeds, Lu Guangyi saw two men, one large and one small, slowly walking toward him in the distance. At first he thought they were guards on patrol, but when he got closer, he realized that they were two wolves, one large and one small.

Lu Guangyi was scared out of his wits and ran away, waiting for a breath to run up to the high post, and he was free again.

Be careful. Avoiding crowded places, Lu Guangyi hid himself during the day and gnawed on dry steamed buns to satisfy his hunger, and hurried on his way at night. He used the blue wool pants for a few dollars, all the way to the wind and food, finally returned to Xi’an.

The first time he learned a lesson, he grew wiser. Lu Guangyi did not dare to go to his sister, Lu Lijuan, in the West Film Factory, so he went around the suburbs, doing odd jobs to fill his stomach and waiting for the opportunity to go to Beijing to redress his grievances. He learned his lesson last time and no longer expects to go to Beijing by bus through the station, but runs to the northern suburbs, observing the railroad decomposition station in the north of the road, finding the wagons going east to pull coal, jumping on board and hiding in the coal pile.

The plan was supposed to be seamless, but the sky was unpredictable. The lorry drove to Meng Yuan, coincidentally, a major local murder case, public security and armed soldiers are mass search for the fugitive murderer. Before the truck stopped at the Meng Yuan station, a group of law enforcement officers with wolf dogs and guns jumped on board and caught Lu Guangyi in a crooked way.

This time Lu Guangyi was not sent back to Xunyi prison, but to a prison near Shanxi. Of course, three more years were added to his sentence. Because he had already made two successful escapes, many prisoners in the prison regarded him as a hero and took the initiative to make friends with him. Among them were undercover spies from the prison administration who also approached him and tried to spy on his thoughts. Lu Guangyi is careful to surround himself with inmates, carefully screening and making friends he can rely on.

He finds another chance to escape from here.

There is an office building in the prison yard. Every day, when prisoners leave the prison for work, they must first line up on one side of the building for roll call, and after the guards confirm that the number of prisoners is correct, they go around the building and count again on the other side of the building, and then line up to leave the prison. After the work outside the prison, they would line up again for roll call and return to the prison.

So at one time out of prison labor, prisoners just in front of the office building in line, Lu Guangyi quickly jumped into the office building window to hide. The guards counted only forty-two prisoners, but in fact there were forty-three – Lu Guangyi is playing the old trick of hiding. Although the trick is very old nothing creative, but very good. When the guards confirm the team of forty-two people, walking to the other side of the office building opposite the prison gate, Lu Guangyi take advantage of the guards do not pay attention, jumped out of the window to join the re-team, told the front and back and his good relationship with the prisoner, the roll call directly skipped Lu Guangyi’s name, so out of prison to report the number or forty-two people.

He swaggered out of the prison.

When doing work, Lu Guangyi quietly left the group and hid in the dense forest. When he returned at the end of the labor, the number of prisoners’ team was still forty-two. This operation, the possibility of him being discovered early is zero. When the prison authorities really found out that Lu Guangyi escaped, it was already 9:30 p.m. – checking the prison rooms, and he was nowhere to be seen.

The prison was full of sirens, guards and wolf dogs out in all directions, and by this time, Lu Guangyi had already run away.

The prison is located in the deep mountain wilderness, Lu Guangyi ran all night without sleep, only at dawn saw a small town, he was tired and hungry, in the town to beg for food.

He did not expect that the town had many prison eyes. That was operated by the prison for many years, because the town is the way for fugitives, and with the distance from the prison already, fugitives walking here, usually let down their guard. Lu Guangyi also did so, in he ate to rest his feet, continue to rush, long before someone reported his whereabouts to the prison.

The ending was obvious. A team of prison guards fell from the sky on the way to escape, and Lu Guangyi could only be captured.

This time, he was sentenced to three more years. It’s a cumulative total of twelve years.

Having escaped victoriously for twenty-four hours, Lu Guangyi returned to prison.

The three successful escapes made Lu Guangyi’s reputation in prison. Although he was very young, he gained the high respect of almost all inmates. The correctional officers and guards monitored him closely for fear that he would escape again – God knows from where and how he would escape.

Lu Guangyi did not give up the idea of escaping. The idea of going to Beijing to seek justice and clear his name supported him. Among the many cellmates, he found two people he could trust, let’s call them Prisoner A and Prisoner B. These two people are also the ones who helped him to cooperate with the prison guards to conceal the number of escapees last time.

Lu Guangyi found that the entire prison has been strengthened, but there is only one place that has all the elements of an escape, and that is the toilet used by the correctional officers.

This toilet is located in a corner of the prison, behind it is a high wall. Because the correctional officers and guards come and go, almost no inmates dare to go around here without any reason. The prison is also more closely guarded here, only when emptying the cesspit relaxed – because the hairy cesspit of the old shit and urine once stirred, too damn smelly, correctional officers are hiding far away.

Behind the toilet, there is an inner wall, located between the toilet and the high prison wall, so that if you want to escape from here, you must quickly cross the two walls to be successful.

Lu Guangyi found that prisoners who worked outside were ordered to collect a rattan that grew in the local mountains in the fall. The cane was about two or three meters long and thumb-thick. The inmates brought it back to the prison and piled it in bundles on the wall next to the toilet used by the correctional officers. This is one of the correctional officers’ side business – the cane can be sold for some change for the correctional officers to drink and eat meat. Lu Guangyi thought he could use these bundles of rattan because if he tied a dozen rattan strips together, they could be used as ladders.

When autumn came, it was time to harvest the canes. The three-man escape team was active, and they took the initiative to perform and do the dirty work, winning the trust of the correctional officers and being assigned to empty the toilet.

This toilet also has a unique condition, in the toilet under the squatting pit, the flooding pool is only one-third, while the outside is two-thirds, as long as you can drill out of the toilet flooding pool, lift the outside slab, it is not only a large space to move, but also use the slab to fix the cane ladder.

So when the correctional officer ordered them to empty the feces, the three-person escape team took action. They took the opportunity to pass two or three bundles of canes one by one from the toilet pit to the flooded cesspool at the back while the correctional officer was far away. Then the three jumped into the pit and swam through holding their breath.

One person had an accident in the middle, but luckily pulled the cane and avoided being suffocated with the help of his partner by drilling through the cesspit.

They reached the back of the toilet flooded cesspool, quickly reassemble the rattan, tied into a length of five meters, about thirty centimeters thick cylinder – this is the substitute ladder.

The three men climbed the rattan column, climbed up the high prison wall, and jumped down.

Freedom, freedom!

Not long after gaining freedom, the three-person prison escape team disbanded on the spot. Because of the large number of people and the large target, the probability of success would be much higher if they spread out to escape. Lu Guangyi, who had a lot of experience in escaping, told the remaining two to hide for as long as they could before the wind died down.

Lu Guangyi hid in the deep woods. He brushed against the search party several times, but eventually had a scare. Anything that could feed him could save his life. Within a month’s time, he experienced raids, high fever, diarrhea, constant hunger, and the whole person was out of shape. Already thin, he became a ghost of bones.

Yet he hunkered down in the caves and dense forests, never coming out. He knew that coming out would mean going back to the cage.

Notices were posted everywhere that the three of them were wanted. But when Lu Guangyi finally walked out into the street, he was the same as the wanted man on the notice, and no one would associate this frail boy with a criminal. He was completely free.

Lu Guangyi began to walk slowly, leaving the prison’s sphere of influence. He had simple skills to make a living, helping others with carts, doing odd jobs, and sometimes begging. Those who met him felt that he was a poor boy and were willing to offer him a modest amount of help. He walked and walked and walked, and found that it was close to Shanxi, so he crossed the Yellow River, intending to become a monk in Wutai Mountain.

Along the way, Lu Guangyi saved up a few small dollars for emergencies. He worked part-time while heading to Wutai Mountain, in a town, he met a dog skin and bones, the dog was frail, eyes panic, living out a bereaved dog. For some reason, Lu Guangyi felt that this dog is himself, he is this dog.

The dog was tied to a tree for sale, several people gathered around in the discussion, although the dog is too thin, but killed or can eat a dog meat. They intend to buy and kill as a drinking dish.

Lu Guangyi went up and bought the dog from the owner, then led it outside the town and untied the rope around its neck. Lu Guangyi said: go, you are free, go where you want to go.

After that he turned around and walked away. After walking for a while heard the sound of huffing and puffing behind him. Lu Guangyi turned around, the dog followed him behind.

Since then, he and the dog inseparable, one person and one dog, came to the Buddhist resort of Wutai Mountain.

Not who wants to be a monk can be a monk, monks also have to go through the relevant government departments to do the formalities. Lu Guangyi dare not deal with the government, but without the government’s permission, the temple did not dare to accept him as a monk. So despite the smoke and rain in the Wutai Mountains four hundred temples, but there is no place for Lu Guangyi.

He was really a bit desperate.

One night, he and the dog borrowed to stay under the steps outside the door of a temple. And the other end of the steps, lying a young crazy woman.

This crazy woman Lu Guangyi in the Wutai Mountains have seen many places, she behaved badly, to each temple begging. Monks and tourists do not mess with her, all go with her. Lu Guangyi also ignore her, anyway, is a crazy person, say what she will not understand.

The moonlight was bright and all was silent. Lu Guangyi could not sleep, sat up and thought left and right, sad from the heart. He couldn’t help but talk to the dog, telling his tragic story, from the unjustly told, the more sad, the more tears.

Who knows that the crazy woman sat up and spoke, articulate, organized, not at all like crazy.

It turns out that the crazy woman is a person from Fuping County, Shaanxi. The family was a landlord, the land reform was turned over to the peasants snatched away the land, Dad was also killed. At that time she was still young and did not know what to do, and widowed mother dependent on life. The time has passed, a decade or so she grew into a big girl, and was poor peasants from the village secretary, to marry her to his stupid son as a daughter-in-law, her mother did not want to, the secretary said to rob people, she had no choice, fled home, in the Wutai Mountain area pretending to be crazy and foolish begging.

The crazy woman said to Lu Guangyi: If you still want to live, either play crazy and play crazy, or go to the government to turn themselves in. Only these two roads.

Acting crazy Lu Guangyi definitely do not do, surrender that is never. With the end of the world, Lu Guangyi on the crazy woman immediately had a good feeling. But the end of the world, it is difficult to protect themselves, and how can they?

The day dawned to board the journey, alone with the lonely girl goodbye. Just after dawn, Lu Guangyi took the dog and left Wutai Mountain, determined to return to Shaanxi. When he arrived at the coach station, he suddenly realized that he could not take a dog on a coach. Moreover, this trip is dangerous, he can not afford to feed a dog.

Lu Guangyi took the dog to the door of a restaurant, he went in and bought some cooked meat for the dog, while the dog was happy to eat meat, he quietly slipped away and ran to the coach station to get on the bus.

Long-distance car in the road down the mountain winding drive. I do not know how long it took, Lu Guangyi heard someone shouting from the back seat: Hey, strange ball! The dog followed half a day, why still follow the miles?

Lu Guangyi looked back, the dusty road, the dog while barking, while struggling to catch up with the coach. It fell down again and again, and again and again to get up, chasing relentlessly.

At that moment, Lu Guangyi’s eyes burst into tears. He felt that he was not living like a person, not only sorry for his parents and sister, and even sorry for a dog. He had the impulse to jump out of the car, but held back. Because he knew that with the dog, he could not go to Beijing to redress his grievances.

Lu Guangyi returned to Shaanxi, he even went to the crazy woman’s hometown of Fuping County, found the village she told her, and also found her mother. He said to the old woman: Your daughter is still alive. I have seen her in Wutai Mountain.

After saying that he ran away, leaving the old lady alone at the door, bawling and crying.

During this period of time, Lu Guangyi was very depressed, he was working odd jobs everywhere, thinking about how to go to Beijing to sue for justice. He also went back to Xi’an, to Xianyang, but did not dare to contact his family, because he knew that the police must be watching his family, he must not throw himself into the net.

The days flew by for two years, Lu Guangyi saved some money by doing odd jobs, and he started to go to Beijing.

Buy a ticket to go directly by train, that is not possible. Such a lesson has been learned many times before. So he took a short relay approach, a section from west to east, then north, by coach, hitchhiking, on foot, by horse-drawn carriage …… in short, what happens to sit, tossed around for six months, finally came to the capital.

The capital is a much larger area than Xi’an, the government offices are also much more grand than Xi’an. Correspondingly, the magistrates are also more vicious than Xi’an, Lu Guangyi simply can not walk into any of the magistrates. He was always thrown out before he could say a few words. He had to wander around Beijing, wondering how he could sue the Imperial Court.

But time flies, and the money he had was almost spent. Beijing is not like the field, to Lu Guangyi’s craft, basically can not find a meal rut. He had to move from the city to the suburbs, and by chance he came to a place that was a small park along the moat outside Yongdingmen, where many hobos like him gathered, then called the blind. Lu Guangyi went in and found that they were basically people who had suffered similarly to him, all with the same desire to go to Beijing to seek redress for their grievances, and all with the same lack of access to justice.

In those days, there was no petition system, and people from all walks of life had to go to various ministries to seek redress for their grievances, because the government offices were too big and far apart, so no one cared about the problems of these blind streams.

Lu Guangyi managed to blend into the blind stream team, and before he could find a way to redress his grievances, he was hit hard again by a massive cleanup operation by the Beijing Municipal Government to regulate the blind stream.

The Ministry of Public Security, the Beijing Public Security Bureau, and the PLA troops in Beijing acted in unison to block and arrest the blind streams in various parts of the city. Lu Guangyi was caught and sent to the Dongcheng District Detention Center, where he was interrogated and screened for identity, and those who had no problems were sent to their places of origin, while those who had problems were examined and dealt with locally.

When it was Lu Guangyi’s turn to be interrogated, he refused to confess, as did Jiang, and said nothing when asked. Lu Guangyi said: Unless your director comes, I can tell you who I am.

A blind man still want to see the director? The police felt ridiculous, this grandson is simply too arrogant. Their way of dealing with Lu Guangyi is to fix him severely, you can understand the torture to force a confession. But Lu Guangyi just won’t talk. The police got tired of fighting and no way out, so they threw him into the prison cell regardless.

A week passed, Lu Guangyi in the detention center is also tired of staying. He felt that if he did not make some noise, the police would not take him seriously.


When Lu Guangyi was detained, he was handcuffed all the time because his unruly attitude had annoyed the police. Now he decided to make something happen to bring his presence and his claims to the attention of the police. He found a paperclip and easily pried off the handcuffs, then bent the steel bar of the prison room window and drilled it out.

At that time, the management of the guardhouse was quite strict, but for a veteran jailbreaker like him, the guardhouse was as relaxed and casual as North Sea Park.

When the police officers reacted to the fact that he had escaped without permission and immediately chased him out of the detention center, Lu Guangyi had already disappeared around the corner.

Two days later, Lu Guangyi returned to the detention center. When he came in front of the police, all the police officers who saw him were stunned.

Lu Guangyi said: I am Shaanxi Lu Guangyi, please ask your chief to come, I have something to say to him.

He never thought that his case of continuous jailbreak had alerted the Ministry of Public Security, and the name Lu Guangyi was known even to the heads of public security departments and city directors in all provinces of the country. At this moment he reported his real name, stunned a crowd of police officers in the detention center.

Within two days of work. An old policeman with slightly frosty hair and an uncommon demeanor came to interrogate Lu Guangyi.

Lu Guangyi told his story from beginning to end to the old police officer. After listening, the old police officer said to him sincerely: I am very sympathetic to your experience, but the current situation you should be clear, the security management is very strict, and you can not get the evidence of innocence, so although I believe you, or must arrest you, I am really sorry.

This is the result that Lu Guangyi expected. He was not angry, just a little frustrated.

The old police officer said again: you go back, you must put your case, write a detailed plea material, I will give Shaanxi greetings, let them give you the necessary conditions in prison to appeal. Your case will come to light.

Lu Guangyi was escorted back to Shaanxi and imprisoned in Lianhua Temple Prison in Huaxian County. This is a newly built state-of-the-art prison, security surveillance are very tight, it can be said that it is difficult to fly.

Lu Guangyi was in prison peacefully, he carefully wrote his case into materials, to Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, the relevant departments to appeal.

Day by day, the complaint material has been sent a large basket, but through the stone sunk in the sea, no news. After waiting for two years, Lu Guangyi decided to break out of prison again.

How exactly did he escape from prison this time, he did not want to tell. He said that because of a promise with someone, he promised to take the secret to the grave, so he could not specify.

But he told the story of another prisoner’s accidental escape.

In Lotus Temple Prison, there was an inmate who was a psychopath. He loved to wander around the prison when he had nothing to do. One day he was walking in the yard with a basin of water and saw a policeman, so he followed him. When others saw him, they thought the policeman ordered him to follow with the water, so no one bothered him.

The policeman was in front, and he was behind, and actually passed through the heavily guarded supervisory area to the living area without any obstruction.

The cop in front went into a building, and the psycho followed another cop out of the living quarters. Again, the correctional officers he met on the way, no one paid him any attention.

The psychopath walked out of the living quarters and came to the visiting area where outsiders are allowed to walk. He carried the basin, followed another police officer, walked directly to the prison gate, and actually walked along the street with the basin in a dignified manner.

When a prisoner escaped, the prison was in chaos, and there was a huge search inside and outside the prison. They searched every possible place where the body could be hidden. Because the police feared that the psychopath was killed by an enemy. Even the toilet pit, they drained all the feces, but found nothing. Where would a big living person go?

To no avail. As a result, when the police had despaired, a week later, the psychopath walked from outside to the prison door again with a basin and a big smile.

Psycho: Report to the government, I’m back!

False alarm. The psychopath had spent a week spinning between the city and the countryside, and he had no idea what it meant to break out of prison.

He just spun blind balls.

I guess maybe Lu Guangyi got inspired by the way Psycho got out of prison, or some prison guard took pity on him and gave him a hand with this escape, either way, he made another successful escape.

This time he escaped, he stayed in society for about two years or so. Since the control was so strict at that time, he had no identification and had to go into hiding.

The president of the Japanese LDP, Takeshita Noboru, visited China, and after his visit to Mao in Beijing, he visited Xi’an with great enthusiasm, loving Chinese history. His arrival, however, set off a storm of law and order in Xi’an.

Lu Guangyi was hiding on Huimin Square, and one day he was eating steamed pork in Qiaozikou when two policemen appeared behind him. The police asked him to show his identification, and he had nothing. He was eventually arrested again and sent to the Xin’an Machinery Factory in the eastern suburbs of Xi’an, or Factory No. 2 as the citizens called it – that was the prison for long-sentenced prisoners, only to go to work on time every day.

Confessions are lenient, and the second factory carries bricks.

If you resist, you go home for the New Year.

This was a familiar jingle among Xi’an citizens back then. The fact that Lu Guangyi was sent here meant that it was impossible for him to run away again. Another three years were added to his sentence, making it theoretically fifteen years.

By this time he had reached middle age. He felt that everyone had cheated him, that everyone had failed him. In the prison cell of the second factory, he was a legend, a myth about freedom and resistance.

After thinking about it, he decided to break out of prison, which he had done before to prove his innocence. Not anymore, he wants to break out of prison to fight for a free and easy life.

Xin’an Machinery Factory, also known as the second factory management is very strict, basically there is no interchange between the different levels of prison areas, each other are closed. And the living area and supervision area with ab door connection, no one can easily escape out.

Easy to escape can not escape, then work a little harder, hard to escape. Lu Guangyi made up his mind. He found that every day, the second factory will come to a lot of trucks pulling goods, and truck drivers without exception, to the office building to open a way out of the door. And this time, the truck is usually in the state of unattended.

Lu Guangyi has a number in mind, since there are so many vehicles, then go out in the truck pulling goods.

Lu Guangyi’s biggest problem is that he can not drive, now, he had to find a driver. After private observation, he finally found a car thief. Oh no, perhaps a car racing thief is more appropriate, because this person never steals cars only racing.

This person’s surname is Du, and his biggest hobby is driving. If he saw a car on the street, he would pry open the door, drive out for a while, and then drive the car back to the same place. One day he saw a long Volga in the People’s Building, which he had never seen before, and the driver got excited, he pried open the door and drove the long Volga on the run, intending to go racing. Who knows that this car is not someone else’s, it is the governor’s special car. Driver Du just drove the car out of the People’s Building and was caught up by the police at Xihuamen.

He was sentenced to twelve years.

The driver was very unconvinced, I just drove out for fun, not to steal a car, how to sentence me to twelve years? However, no one listened to him, so he was also sent to the second factory.

At this moment, Lu Guangyi asked him: can you drive a truck?

Driver Du asked in return: What kind of car can I not drive?

Lu Guangyi told his plan, and Driver Du happily agreed. So the two of them spent the whole day staring at the gate of the machinery factory, looking for opportunities.

The opportunity finally came. One day, a driver parked the truck downstairs, the key was not even pulled, and hurried into the building. Lu Guangyi knew that he had three minutes to drive away. He signaled Du driver, and the two men walked to the truck, got in without panic and drove the truck away.

They drove the car to the north gate. Because according to long time observation, all trucks enter the south gate and exit the north gate. But when Du driver and Lu Guangyi arrived at the north gate, they found that the gate was closed, and even hung the bolt.

At this point, Du driver’s sweat came down. Lu Guangyi said don’t panic, don’t panic, I’ll open the door.

He jumped out of the car and went to the front door to unload the bolt, only to hear a scratch, the door on the aisle of the soldier pulled the bolt loaded, aimed at Lu Guangyi.

Soldiers: What are you doing?

Lu Guangyi: open the door, why is the door closed today?

Soldiers: today take the south door! Turn around, hurry up and go!

Lu Guangyi promised to turn around and walk to the truck, he felt his back was wet.

The two men drove the car to the south gate again, only to find seven or eight trucks lining up to go through the security check. By this time two minutes had passed, and at any moment the truck driver could come out of the building and find the truck missing. The scene down the road was familiar: police sirens blaring and prison gates closed. Teams of gun-toting soldiers and police dogs rushed out one after the other, checking from car to car, and then they were both apprehended.

Du driver’s legs began to shake. Lu Guangyi said; Steady, don’t panic.

A police officer approached car by car and reached out to the driver to ask for a road note to save time out. The driver said: bad day collapsed, we do not road strips. Bishop!

Lu Guangyi check the driver’s locker, found a few notes with words. He quickly began to fold, tear, tear the note into the size of a road strip.

When the police came to their car, the cars that had checked the road strips in front of them drove away. Lu Guangyi hand out of the driver’s side window, the police just to pick up the road strip, his hand loose, the paper fluttered to the ground. The police are not going to take it.

The driver started the vehicle, a step on the gas pedal, the truck slowly moving.

The police bent down to pick the pieces of paper. Lu Guangyi in the rearview mirror saw the police picked up the piece of paper, very confused look, and look at the truck to think, and look at the piece of paper. The driver said: “Bishop Bishop, the son of a bitch found it. Lu Guangyi said: shut your mouth, drive slowly.

The truck drove out of the gate, but the front is a straight alley. Lu Guangyi saw the police with a piece of paper and shook his head, then walked back to his post and sat down in a chair.

The truck drove out of the alley and stopped after about a kilometer. Lu Guangyi and Du driver got out and the two said goodbye. Du driver said: see you later. Lu Guangyi said: See you in this life.

Lu Guangyi once again escaped from prison successfully. This time, a run is seventeen years.

Fourth, in vain

Lu Guangyi escaped from prison once again.

This time, he did not intend to redress the grievances. More than twenty years of prison life and escape life alternately, he has never been like an ordinary person, to love to pursue, to pain to joy, married and children, the family joy, all together. He was just imprisoned, escaped from prison. He was imprisoned again, and then escaped again. Sometimes he felt that life was all about being caught and escaping, just like pain and joy, no pain, in fact, no joy.

Before that, the only thing that sustained him was to go to Beijing to complain and cry out for justice, and then to be vindicated. Then, like an ordinary person, he could lift up his chest and be a human being in a dignified manner.

However, he had been to Beijing, and he knew that it was just a dream. Moreover, no one cares if his dream is broken.

So this time he intends to play a different way. Since you can’t be a person, you can be a person in secret, and the key is: to be a person.

Over the decades, he has learned a lot in prison, and a lot in society. As mentioned before, he is a smart man who inherited the quality genes of his father, Golden Pencil Reed. So after gaining his freedom, he decided to build a solid foundation for his life – to earn money.

He did many trades, from repairing cars to working as a photographer he did it all, he raised fish ponds, opened small restaurants and made a lot of money. At that time, he did not have an ID card and could not go to the bank to deposit money. So he piled up the money and tied it in his belt.

Later, as the reform and opening up got deeper and deeper, he asked someone to give him a new identity and a new name – Wang Qiming. He used this identity to set up a factory, registered a trading company, and made a lot of money in a few years. He was no longer called Lu Guangyi, who was dead. His name was Wang Qiming, and Wang Qiming was a respected entrepreneur.

During the time he was starting his business, he kept warning himself that he couldn’t do anything bad. Even the smallest bad thing can not do, such as driving through red lights. Because he knew that almost all prisoners who escaped from prison would eventually return to prison, that is not because the chase team is very good, but because prisoners often re-offend. The so-called thieves do not fight three years since the confession, time, the prisoner will automatically reveal the prototype, and this time, the prison began to beckon him again. Wang Qiming understands this, so he definitely does not do anything to break the law.

There is another important reason that causes him to absolutely not break the law, and that is persistence. Before he was convinced that he was innocent, he also wanted others to think that he was good, and if he did something bad at this moment, in case he was caught in the future, the police would say: you motherfucker was not a good goon in the first place. In that case. He jumped into the Yellow River can not be washed, decades of so-called complaints and cries of injustice, will become a joke.

So Wang Qiming insisted on being a good person. He even helped the Public Security Bureau of Beilin to catch the fugitive, the family still has a letter of thanks written to him.

He also harvested a belated love. After having money and leisure, he went to Fuping again. The madwoman is no longer mad, she is a widow who still has her charm. After the end of the 10-year catastrophe, she returned to her hometown. She married a man from the same village and gave birth to a son and a daughter for him. Then her husband got sick and died, and she became a widow in her thirties.

When Lu Guangyi, oh no, Wang Qiming walked to her door, she was holding her little daughter to dry her clothes. The moment she saw Wang Qiming, her tears poofed down.

Wang Qiming understood her situation and just said: let’s spend time together.

She said, “Okay.

They returned to Xi’an with their two children. They bought a building on Friendship Road outside the city walls. At that time there were just commercial houses, and he bought the biggest one – because there were two children at home.

He treated her children as if they were his own. He looked for the best school for them in school and gave them the best clothes. He also secretly asked his sister to meet him. At that time, ordinary people had telephones at home, and he had one at home. But he would run far down the street and lower his voice to call his sister’s house, saying only the time and place. It was like a secret agent meeting.

Both parents were deceased. He didn’t even dare to visit his parents’ graves for fear of being seen by his acquaintances. He lived in this way, silently.

This day is seventeen years, two children have gone to college, he is also slowly getting older. When he had nothing to do, he loved to go to the Eight Immortals, to see how the guys who fooled people with fake antiques performed, which reminded him of the days of the jungle to buy Power Pills.

One day, he was hanging out at the Eight Immortals, when he suddenly heard someone call him: Lu Guangyi.

This sound was like a bolt from the blue. Although the sun was shining brilliantly, but he felt that the sky suddenly darkened.

His heart pounded violently and his body began to tremble. He tried to restrain himself and did not look back, still walking forward in all directions.

Unexpectedly, someone grabbed a few steps in front of him and called him again: Lu Guangyi.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the driver of the car that you drove out of jail with. He slowly let down a heart. Asked: how you are here?

Du driver: Do not mention it. That year you ran away, I was caught back, plus five years in prison, the full count sat for 14 years, only the year before last out. I’m here to buy paintings and calligraphy miles.

Lu Guangyi did not want to tangle with him, a few perfunctory words to say goodbye. Du driver stopped him: what’s the hurry? You see how well you are doing now! Longines watches, Paul fir, money is not earned. I’m having a hard time, you help a brother, okay?

Du driver finished, looking at him fixedly.

Lu Guangyi know can not just go away, he said: Mo motor, our own brother we are a lifelong friendship. I am not a few money on my body at the moment. You live in Ada? Give me the address, I will go to your house at night.

Du driver wrote an address to him, Lu Guangyi took it and hurried away.

In the evening he brought some money, according to the address written on the paper, found the building rented by the driver Du. In the walk to the mouth of the alley, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine, as if someone was watching him coldly from behind. Lu Guangyi shivered, he knew that the police were watching him nearby.

This feeling, all too familiar in his decades of fleeing, had almost become a sixth sense, and never missed. Instinctively, he wanted to turn and run, but he knew that it was too late. If he turned around at this moment, there would be only one ending: to be pinned down and handcuffed and returned to prison.

So he walked forward unhurriedly, and when he reached the courtyard, the feeling of being watched was like a thick fog that surrounded him. He walked unhurriedly up to the second floor, to the door of the driver’s house, reached out and knocked on the door while saying loudly: I am surrendering to the drop, I know you are here, I want to ask, I surrender will be lenient?

The door opened and two black pistols were pointed at him. At the same time, two tall and robust men appeared at both ends of the building. Lu Guangyi raised his hands: Report to the government, I am turning myself in!

When Lu Guangyi was handcuffed and escorted down the stairs, Du driver chased the police to ask for the reward for reporting. The police impatiently said: what money? Hammer. He said clearly, is to surrender! Quickly flash a shore to go!

Lu Guangyi was arrested again. This time he hired the best lawyer in Xi’an to file a lawsuit to complain about his grievances. But fate really does not seem to favor him, the Xian Yang police officer who framed him in the early years, just recently died, the police station had a fire, all the files were turned into ashes.

The lawyer ran to the Xunyi prison, strange is, the prison archives abcefg hit the head of the file are in, only missing the d hit the head of the file, and Lu Guangyi’s file is in the d volume, one is dead, the second is the file all lost.

The lawyer said to Lu Guangyi: this lawsuit can not win, I can only fight for you the best results. The prosecution’s charges, the most sentence you eleven years, the prison side knows that you were wronged, promised to do their best to help you reduce your sentence in prison, you can sit in prison for up to five years, and then you can go home.

Lu Guangyi resigned to his fate. This year, he was already fifty-two years old, he really can not escape.

Lu Guangyi returned to the Xinan Machinery Factory, which is the second factory prison. When the police officer who checked the road strip to let him drive out, still sitting at the gate in that position, I do not know if it is the same chair. Lu Guangyi looked at the police, the police looked at him, two people silent for a long time, both grinning.

The police said: old brother, you put me to harm the day collapsed.

Lu Guangyi said: brother, I’m sorry.

After the calamity brothers in
A smile on each other to forget the grudge

As always, Lu Guangyi is a legend in prison. His job is very simple, every night from 7:00 to 9:00, to play closed-circuit television for the prisoners, and then all day is fine. All the correctional officers and police officers in the prison were polite to him. All the inmates were respectful when they saw him.

One day, a new inmate did not know the depth of the prison, want to establish authority in the prison, yelled at Lu Guangyi a few voices, was pulled to the disciplinary room by the correctional cadres, cracked dozens of mouth. A moment of honesty. The police said the day you mother, you bastard eyes even dare to provoke the old Lu, drops is not want to live?

But whenever there is a chance to reduce the sentence, the prison will give Lu Guangyi reduced sentence. No matter how biased the prison authorities are in favor of Lu Guangyi, the inmates have no opinion. He spent four years in prison, the last six months left, the prison gave him medical parole.

That year, Lu Guangyi was 57 years old.

Back home, everything is the same as before, but also different from before. The woman who had been with him for more than a decade was gone. Previously, because the woman knew about him, the two have not been officially married, is to live together to live. Now that her two children have grown up, after Lu Guangyi went to prison, the two children knew about their mother’s relationship with him and forced their mother to leave the house.

The woman was helpless and sad, and eventually obeyed her children.

The thirteen-year-old boy who ran from Xianyang to Xi’an to find his sister, after forty-four springs, summers and winters, became a dying old man.

However, he is a man after all.