Stockholders ruined by leverage

I receive about 2000-4000 messages every day, mostly in the nightly newspaper chatting and farting, but also contains some strange and bizarre content, one of which is a letter from a stockholder who wants to borrow money from me to get out of trouble.

There is one every month or two, and I have met dozens of them over the years.

There are openings to borrow a few hundred thousand, there are openings to borrow more than 1 million, the reason is similar, hidden from the family leveraged speculation in stocks, and then by a wave of decline to get fried, credit cards got a dozen are overdrawn, every day in the phone is a reminder of the text message, the paper can not cover the fire, looking at the imminent exposure, and began to grab the straws around. It should also be really desperate to think about finding the online acquaintance of the big V are borrowed to see.

I originally thought so play are struggling to live, income is not too high stockholders, but in fact their identity is more complex than I thought. There are small bosses who think business is too hard to earn money, teachers who teach at universities, employees of well-known companies, young people who secretly embezzle their parents’ support for the down payment, drivers who drive online cars, insurance sales, and civil servants who are worried about being smashed out of their jobs when things get exposed.

The face of these requests for help, I did not borrow a penny. The reason is simple, borrowing money either with collateral, or by credit. These netizens are so embarrassed that they basically have no valuable assets for collateral, and they are leveraged to speculate in stocks and raise debt all over the place, and their credit is essentially bankrupt. Following the basic laws of the market, such customers are not willing to lend money even if they are triad loan sharks, not to mention the netizens they have never met.

I’m reminded of a post I read a while ago, a Tencent employee participated in the online gambling loss of 5 million after the suicide note, which impressed me the most a point, is that this person is at the end of his rope, before planning to jump to his death, the last thing to do is in the group of colleagues to exchange the excuse, cheated hundreds of thousands, want to finally wrestle, the results will be a small and lost, and then completely collapsed.

This is a typical mind collapse of gamblers, no sanity, if you have similar friends around you to borrow money, must not borrow, the other party to get the money after the probability of turning head is to go on gambling, trying to turn back, and then your money hit the water.

Leverage itself is just a financial tool, there is no good or bad, but for no professional training of investment vegetarians, addicted to leveraged trading is easy to take a risk that you can not bear after a few impulsive transactions. This is like when we take babies and toddlers at home, we put away sharp and pointy things or put them high out of reach of our children. Many stockholders don’t look at the physical age of thirty or forty, but in the financial intelligence mind is still a child.

Tonight’s essay a, mainly to remind those running wildly at the edge of the cliff stockholders, better stop to think about their bets out, they are not able to lose. Don’t end up desperate to come to me to borrow money, I won’t borrow.