Anhui Random Murder Case Exposes CCP’s “Security” Lies

In the afternoon of June 5, a man armed with a knife hacked passersby on a commercial pedestrian street in Yingjiang District, Anqing City, Anhui Province, killing five people and injuring 15 others in a gruesome scene. The suspect was arrested after the incident, but the local police have not yet informed the motive of the crime.

Recently, there have been many vicious incidents in mainland China, and many of the perpetrators have retaliated against society and injured innocent people. These chaotic situations reflect the combined evils of moral decline and economic downturn. Some netizens believe that most of those who blindly carry out revenge are “leeks” who have been cut too hard.

One netizen commented, “The social injustice and public discontent in the Communist Party of China today, the suppression of private enterprises, which absorb the most employment, the expulsion of foreign-funded enterprises, the obvious economic downturn, the apparently powerful my country, but in fact, the outside of the gold and jade, and the lack of expression, lack of avenues of catharsis, just like a pressure cooker that expires, sooner or later explode.”

The Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly boasted of its “security” under its rule, and on Oct. 22, 2019, then Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng told the Xiangshan Forum that China had repeatedly been named one of the safest countries in the world. “Today’s China has long been free of war, unrest, hunger and refugees ……”

In early February 2018, the party media People’s Daily posted an article for three days in a row saying “Why is China so safe?” Some responded, “Is it really safe? Safe to the primary and secondary schools are always crowded with parents picking up and dropping off their children; safe to every household to install anti-theft windows and doors; safe to go out for a trip and come back to find your home demolished; safe to the point that even infant milk powder dare not buy domestic; safe to the random international conference, the whole city has to be closed, the windows on the street shall not be opened, and even the kitchen knives have to be taken off the shelves …… “

A few days ago, on the night of May 29, a man in Nanjing drove a car into people and stabbed them with a knife; on May 28, five elementary school students in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, were cut with knives on their way to school; on May 25, a retiree in Henan Province beat people with a stick, causing 12 students and another two people to be injured; on May 22, a young man in Dalian drove a BMW into people because of failed investments, resulting in five deaths and five injuries. From the northeast to central, southern and southern China, violence is pervasive and it is simply unsafe everywhere.

After the Anqing killings, the vast majority of media on the mainland remained silent, with some official websites and micro-blogs beginning to take the wind out of their sails.

For example, one news item said that the local blood bank in Anqing did not have enough blood to save the injured, “the local authorities immediately issued a call for the public to donate blood to save lives” and “thousands of college students lined up overnight to donate blood, and the scene was heartwarming.” Many netizens questioned: 15 people were injured and Anqing’s blood bank was in a hurry? “Thousands of people completed blood donation”, is this not enough? How much blood do they need?

According to the author, “In the evening, Anqing’s sky is extraordinarily beautiful, why would you say it is especially beautiful today? Because this city is full of love”. So, the madness of knife murder and 20 casualties are hidden, only “love” and “positive energy” are shown, see “funeral celebration” again! This is the same unpleasant way that Wang Zhonglin asked the people of Wuhan to give thanks to the party and the general secretary.

The “Di bar official microblogging” microblogging news, Anqing case “immediately attracted the attention of the anti-media, publicity, the results were sprayed by netizens, ‘this kind of news in the United States and the United Kingdom, simply can not be on the media! “

Anyone with a little common sense would know that if such “lone wolf” assault cases occurred in the U.S. and the U.K., local and national media would be the first to report on the case and would continue to follow it, with reporters interviewing investigators, victims’ families, lawyers and other parties. In addition, the police will also provide timely information about the investigation and hold press conferences when necessary to accept public inquiries and media scrutiny. It is not surprising that heads of police stations, police officers, and others have apologized and resigned for not doing their jobs well in handling cases. The Chinese Communist Party may forget that it is the full disclosure of each incident in the U.S. media that gives it the “material” to attack the liberal democratic system.

In addition, the U.S. judicial system requires that a great deal of judicial information be made available to the American public, including trial proceedings, jury selection procedures, case information, and adjudication documents. In today’s digital age, the public can more easily access the judicial information they need via the internet, including judges, lawyers, trustees, case numbers, causes of action, nature of the action, judgments, appellate court opinions, current status of the case, etc.

On the contrary, in mainland China, the Party controls the media and the Party controls the law. When natural disasters, man-made disasters, or accidents occur, all media are cautious or even afraid to touch on them, for fear of undermining the “greatness” of the Party. If there are reports, the content is certainly to highlight the importance of the higher leadership, downplaying the bad circumstances, emphasizing the trust of the masses in the Party, etc..

In yesterday’s Anqing case, for example, @ChinaPoliceOnline’s Weibo message said, “After receiving the report, the Ministry of Public Security attaches great importance to the case, requiring the Anhui public security organs to do their utmost to investigate the case and effectively maintain social security and stability, and overnight sent a working group to the local inspectors to guide the disposal of the case.”

Strange, the public security organs should have been “fully investigated”, “maintain social security and stability”, this still needs the Ministry of Public Security to issue words? Furthermore, why did the Ministry of Public Security send a working group overnight to supervise the field? This is to show the “importance” of the superiors, or because there is a major hidden agenda behind the case?

The outside world questioned that the perpetrators were caught on the spot at around 5 p.m. on June 5, but until noon on the 6th, neither the police nor the media had explained the motive of the crime. People may never see the truth, but only “the sky is extraordinarily beautiful in Anqing”.

At the moment, the CCP is working hard to celebrate the centenary of the Party, but it is being hit by accidents and vicious cases. The CCP spends a lot of money on “maintaining stability”, but what it maintains is the stability of the regime, not the stability of people’s hearts and society, because the Party’s interests are exactly against the people’s interests. The CCP has set up a huge network of Party branches from top to bottom, and installed hundreds of millions of surveillance cameras throughout the country, monitoring them through the Internet, scanning codes, and real-name systems, but it cannot control people’s hearts and minds, and cannot prevent the next out-of-control madness.

Under the Chinese Communist Party, lies are flying, corrupt officials are taking advantage of the situation, the rich and the poor are disparate, the legal system is unfair, and right and wrong are upside down, people are like living in an invisible prison, enjoying no real safety.