My first perceived genius of the road

The other day I watched the video of the mathematical genius of Peking University. Suddenly remembered a long time ago, the first road genius in my perception.

I wrote it once before. Now tell it again, but also very enjoyable.

At that time, not long after the millennium, the most red forum or Tianya. What was the extent of Tianya’s scenery at that time? It was the place where celebrities would come to post their stories in person. There was more than one person, specifically who, you pick yourself.

At that time, there was an ID called “vegetable bully” in Tianya, who posted one day with a special tone of voice, directly threatening to black out the Tianya server. The words were quite childish.

Naturally, people didn’t take it seriously. After all, Tianya was very popular at that time, just like a passerby who now sends out microblogs to blacken all of them.

As a result, a week later, Tianya was really blacked out, or the complete and utter kind.

And then the vegetable bully, also did not do anything bad, on the kindness to give everyone a few hundred million forum coins? Then he slipped away.

This from that day onwards, he became famous. All of us at Tianya rejoiced over him and often mentioned his name. Nothing more than saying he is a genius hacker.

The dish bully also happens to be a high-profile person, so he continued to do a lot of good and bad things.

First, based on the ID of a suicidal girl, locked the address and helped the police rescue her. Later, he hacked the starlet’s computer to expose her submarine rules to get to the top.

In short, the road is quite wild, but not enough to be famous, after all, too many gods on the end of the world, this point of his work is nothing.

Then, the vegetable bully did one thing…

He stole Ma Huateng’s QQ.
The whole Tencent was hacked along with it.
Even gave Ma Huateng a phone call.

At that time, Ma Huateng asked him, what material needs did he have?

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a good deal on your own, and you’ll be able to get a good deal on your own. ……

Ma Huateng mmm mmm mmm mmm promise, the result hung up the phone dish bar was arrested.

Then the matter was also quickly exploded on the Tianya, netizens immediately boiled up.

The boiling point is not only that the vegetable bar was arrested, but also that his true identity was blown out –

He turned out to be just a 15-year-old kid who dropped out of junior high school.

Because his family was poor and didn’t want to study, he bought a few programming books and spent a few days in an Internet cafe, then directly taught himself to break the server at the end of the world.

That’s right, a veritable genius.

But now, the genius was caught, it is a pity. Tianya netizens and righteousness, so they spontaneously launched the action to save the vegetable bar.

That is, when everyone has appealed, a person called bulletproof martial arts monk stood out and posted that do not ruin a genius.

Then he wrote a paragraph that I remember until now: “In the name of the child, I offer legal assistance to the vegetable bully.”

Then it was a matter of contacting lawyers, finding the vegetable bully and his parents, and getting him out.

Then he was always brought around to teach and redeem a teenager who had lost his way, a genius who had lost his way.

Later I checked, now the vegetable bar, has settled in the United States, with the help of the martial arts monk opened a company, a good life.

And the year called bulletproof martial monk of the network, also mixed well, on the TV show, called Du Zi Jian.

Now recall, this thing is still very burning, very jianghu sense –

Talented teenagers, light swords and fast horses, a battle of fame.

And then is the viciousness of the jianghu, sword and shadow, but there are many people to help, righteousness.

Finally, he has a noble person, who takes care of him and helps him on the right path.

Then look back, is already the end of the moon, flowers.

I can only sigh, the young man will certainly grow, genius will eventually have a home.