The horror of education in-volume

These two days relatives of children’s parents travel so sent to my home, by me to pick up and drop off, now I know that now the education of the inner volume of too terrible.
The child is in his second year of junior high school, studying in a key junior high school in Dalian

Wake up at 6:30am on Saturday
7:30-9:30 One-on-one math (650 yuan an hour)
Drive and rush to another tutoring site
10:20-11:20 English new concept small class (240 yuan for one lesson)
No time to eat in the car at noon
1:00-4:50 p.m. art class
5:30 pm to home for dinner 6:30 pm to go to the neighborhood to run two 1000 meters, and then practice half an hour of solid ball (junior high school has a sports test)
7:30 pm back home to start writing today’s remedial homework until 9:00 pm, and then start writing the school homework until 11:40 pm to sleep

Wake up at 7:10am
8:00-10:00 physics small group of 6 people (260 yuan an hour)
Go home and rest Eat dinner
12:00 noon departure
1:30-4:30 pm French class
Dinner is eaten outside
6:30-8:30 pm one-on-one math (yesterday’s teacher, an hour 650 yuan)
Just arrived home at 9:20 in writing school work, not finished yet ….

His class has a total of 45 people
This midterm exam was the 14th in the class
Here’s the point
The difference between him and the 5th place in his class is only 8 points
He was ranked in the 70th grade, and the 140th grade and his total score is only 6.5 points difference
The class teacher and his mother said
Your son can go to a high school ranked 3-4 in the city if he keeps this status.
If he slips out of the 200th percentile, he might be on the verge of a high school to a major high school.
I look at the 230 students in the grade and the total score is only 17 or 18 points different from him…