Xie Tian: How the Human World Became Worse and Worse

Talking with many friends, colleagues and encounters, most of them are worried about the current state of the United States, China and the human society, but they feel that they are powerless, powerless or powerless. The general feeling is that the world has become too fast, too sick, too slippery, and in the face of many people and events, people just feel how this society has become this way, simply unbearable, unbearable to see, unbearable to hear, unbearable to experience! Not just unbearable all sorts, everything around even make people feel that our social environment has become more and more disgusting, more and more suffocating.

It is said that human society is very unpleasant today because many things should not happen, many good things are not manifested, many good people are excluded, many evils are not stopped. After many, many bad things happen, the evil people don’t care and get away with it, the spectators are oblivious and indifferent, and the good people seem to be used to it, only grieving in secret, and sometimes becoming very numb. This is true for individuals, communities, countries, and the international community and international organizations.

Look at North Korea, where Kim Sanfang jerked off a major general when he got upset. Of course, these senior officials who worked for the communist regime lost their posts, not quite worthy of sympathy, but then this one life was executed in front of 3,000 people in blood, and the international community is used to this. What is wrong with letting people die with dignity and giving value and meaning to the lives of the living?

China, under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, suddenly allows people to have three children again. Twenty-five people from the Political Bureau of the CCP Central Committee, sitting there, a group of seventy or eighty years old, without any formal legislative procedures, debates or administrative regulations, not even the name of a government agency, issued an order “allowing” young Chinese people to have several children! The infamous crime of family planning and baby murder has not yet been solved, and the agency in charge has gone from killing hundreds of millions of babies to promoting births and continuing its work of “family planning”. It is absurd that there is such a country and government in this world! The Chinese central media said, “Having children is not only a family matter, but also a national matter.” The CCP is already notorious for reading the party constitution on the bride and groom’s wedding night, and now it wants to put the couple’s bedtime on the state’s agenda.

Through its communist ideology, Wuhan virus, nuclear warheads, big foreign propaganda and money buyouts, the CCP has endangered the entire human society from Africa to Europe to America. The benevolent, independent media, and guardians of the American tradition have been calling out for more than a decade, but much of human society has fallen on deaf ears. The Chinese Communist Party’s war-wolf policy has hit the rocks, and instead it wants to “tell a good Chinese story, spread a good Chinese voice, and show the real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China,” but immediately the Western mainstream media, government officials and social figures are catering to and pursuing it. How can people’s conscience and conscience be so easily and quickly extinguished?

People are also accustomed to the ugly performances above the high halls of the CCP society, and many Western politicians still gravitate to Zhongnanhai. The CCP top brass believes that foreign forces are politicizing the epidemic and maliciously “discrediting” China, so they think China’s “communication ability needs to be raised to a higher level,” so Zhongnanhai invited a master bragger and demagogue who can distort facts and nonsense without changing his face to Zhongnanhai. So Zhongnanhai invited a master braggart and demagogue who could distort facts and nonsense with a different face to Zhongnanhai for a lesson. This person’s absurd ravings, such as “witnessing the great turn of human history, the world is rapidly tilting toward China”, were actually believed and persuaded by the top echelon of the Communist Party of China. If the instrument of a country is in the hands of people with such cognitive and discriminatory abilities, the society and the country will be worried! This kind of “study” course of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee is also an international joke. It is very funny to see this master bragger talking nonsense in Huairen Hall, while those who listen to the lecture are sitting in the main seat, and those who give the lecture become the report.

The Communist Party leaders recently said that they would strive to build a “credible, lovable and respectable image of China”. These days are exactly 32 years since the June 4 crackdown, and the international community has allowed the butchers of June 4, the evil regime sustained by lies and violence, and the purveyors of the virus to make such a hue and cry, while allowing the state machinery and propaganda tools to deceive the world, and doing nothing about it! The lack of distinction between good and evil, good and bad, and justice in our world can be said to have reached its peak.

This morning I received an interview from an international media asking about the strengthening of the Chinese Communist Party’s control in Hong Kong and the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece slandering that Hong Kong people are staging a “color revolution! This is outrageous! Hong Kong people are pursuing freedom and democracy, and they only want to maintain the status quo, the existing way of life as stipulated in the Joint Declaration, and they are not asking for Hong Kong’s independence, and the issue of sovereignty has not been touched at all. The Chinese Communist Party is staging a “color revolution”, or a reactionary “color revolution” in Hong Kong, because the Chinese Communist Party wants to completely deflate, mainlandize and Communist dictatorship in Hong Kong.

The American society today is also distressing and unbearable. American street kids, junkies, and even thieves are all in the house, smugly “running” the country. Ballot reviews, designed to set the record straight and restore confidence in the election, have been blocked at every level. Is this all that is left of the American people’s moral courage, their will for justice, their defense of truth and truth? It is unbearable to think that people have no sense of anxiety or urgency about big government eating its food, encouraging people to be lazy at home, and listening to the aggressive beast of inflation after the release of water.

European countries are also unbearable. Europe’s immigration problem, sooner or later to ruin the beautiful Europe. Originally, accepting refugees and helping the weak, an act of kindness out of good intentions and good thoughts, showing the generous hearts of Europeans, was misused and abused, leading to the consequences today. Watching beautiful Europa sink in the consequences of the immigration issue and struggle on the slippery road to socialism really makes people feel heartbroken, frustrated, and even a few moments of disgust, and total discomfort.

It’s amazing how people, things, events, and societies that make people heartbroken, sad, and even disgusted are popping up all over the place today. In an unpleasant and sad world, sincere, kind, pure, clean and beautiful things become more and more precious, more and more rare and worth cherishing. Away from the source of evil, away from the things that are sad and repulsive, have to lie flat, just lie flat, not to help the enemy; can stand and voice, please stand and voice it, do not be discouraged. In any case, the washing of the society, the cleaning of the world, the purification of human beings, seems to be imminent, are imperative.