Life doesn’t have to be smart all the time

1, if send a short message to a person, he has not returned, do not send again. There is no such humble wait.

2, if there is no one to accompany, learn to listen to music alone to read and write a little mood diary. This is a good habit.

3, if a person is very sad, find a corner or in the quilt cry a little, do not need others sympathy pity, cry after the same happy life.

4, if a person begins to neglect you, please leave him. Do not know how to cherish your people do not give up for it, and do not have to continue to pay your friendship or love, in the end, the injury is their own others will not be sad for it.

5, if you can not smoke, don’t smoke. If you can not drink, don’t drink. This is not a sign of love for their bodies, if only because of some people, then we do not be silly, love you people will not let you sad.

6, sad time to find a trusted friend to talk about, do not suffer alone in silence, which will only add to the sense of loneliness and sadness.

7, unhappy when the day to look at the blue sky at night to see the night, the vast sky has its own belong to our love, rather than the proud moldy low-key love. Say to yourself I am the best. Keep a confident.

8, rather than lacking. Do not grab a lover at will because of loneliness, which is not fair to both, and too lack of responsibility. Find a confidant not a lover.

9, remember the birthdays of people you like, including your family, of course, and yourself. It doesn’t matter if no one sends gifts on your birthday, you can buy beautiful gifts for your mom and dad.

10, leisure time, play a soft music, read a few pages of good books, and then take a nap, fast. When you are in a bad mood, you can also take a nap.

11、From now on, be smart, don’t ask people if they want you? Love you or not? If you want to think you or love you will naturally say to you, but from your mouth, others will be very proud and do not care about you.

12, do not care too much about some people care too much about some things, let nature take its course to face the best mindset, because the world is so unfair often in front of the things we care most about the most worthless.

13, do not torture yourself for anyone anything. For example, not eating, crying, autism, depression, these are the things that fools do. Of course, it is necessary to be silly once in a while, life does not have to be smart all the time.

14, under any circumstances, behind the scenes do not say others right and wrong. If you must say, say good things. More friends is good, even if they are not very good, than because they do not speak carefully and do not think and more than one enemy is much better.

15, allowed to occasionally watch soap operas, but must not become dependent. Allowed to occasionally cloak and dagger, but pay attention to the occasion. Allowed to occasionally swear, but only in front of old friends or alone, remember to say after to forget those things that make you sad.

16, must have a few friends of the opposite sex, there is no non-exceptional. Is the key time, to help you out of the idea of a good friend.

17, learn to bear the pain themselves to adjust their minds. Some words, suitable for rotten in the heart, some pain, suitable for silent forget. When experienced, you grow up, you know it is good. Many changes, you do not need to say yourself, others will see.

18, can not argue with people try to avoid. A person who is angry is very scary, will not be able to control the emotions into a madman. Patience and then think about the root cause of the problem and finally calm mind to solve it.

19, no matter who has a conflict and quarrel, do not solve the time more than 24 hours. Otherwise, there will be more trouble. In the acceptable range, first apologize. Let yourself be the bad guy is not a really bad thing.