Very beneficial 8 kinds of leisure sports

Exercise not only exercises people’s physical strength and attention, different sports also have unique health benefits. The American “Mother Nature” website describes the amazing benefits of eight common leisure sports.

Ballroom dancing.

Researchers at Stanford University’s Department of Dance have shown that, among leisure sports such as dancing, tennis, swimming and charades, people who dance have the highest mental acuity and a 76 percent lower risk of cognitive impairment. Dancing requires both brain, muscle and emotional collaboration, which is helpful in enhancing neurological function. In addition, dancing can reduce stress, promote cardiovascular health, and help with socialization.


An hour of bowling can burn off 240 kilocalories, and can also exercise the upper body muscle groups, improve cardiovascular and respiratory function, enhance endurance and maintain bone density. According to “Bowling World”, the exercise effect of striding while tossing the ball is equivalent to walking, a game down is equal to walking 1 km.


Although this exercise may seem mundane, it has many amazing health benefits, such as reduced risk of cognitive impairment, type II diabetes and stroke, higher survival rate after breast cancer, significant improvement in fatigue, depressive symptoms, increased libido and sexual satisfaction, etc.


Fencing can be enjoyable, confident and poised, and it can also effectively counteract the cognitive decline associated with aging. This is because fencing requires rapid offensive and defensive decision making, which requires a high level of visual attention and physical dexterity, which in turn exercises planning skills, brain flexibility, and physical coordination.


During golf, people not only enjoy fresh air and sunshine and make new friends, but also have the effect of increasing longevity. A Swedish study showed that people who play golf regularly have a 40% lower mortality rate than others, which is equivalent to a five-year increase in life expectancy.


Just 45 minutes of playing volleyball can burn off 585 kilocalories. Playing also requires some unique movements, such as jumping, squatting, turning and diving, which improve coordination and flexibility.


It allows the body to exercise and stretch various muscle groups. The University of Massachusetts study found that the impact of skating on the joints is 50% lower than running, so if you have a knee injury, you can use skating instead of running.

Table tennis.

Dr. Wendy Suzuki, professor of neuroscience and psychology at New York University, says, “Playing table tennis mobilizes the part of the brain responsible for movement, fine motor and strategic planning, which makes people smart and intelligent and helps improve long-term memory function.”