Israeli Opposition Leader Pirad Says He Has Successfully Formed New Government

Israeli opposition leader Pillard informed President Rivlin on Wednesday evening that he successfully formed a new government. This comes after the Knesset held a presidential election in which former Labor Party leader Herzog won 120 votes and 87 votes in the Knesset and was elected Israel’s 11th president.

AFP news agency, Rivlin’s party announced Wednesday night that the leader of the opposition “Have the Future” party, Lapid, informed President Rivlin on Wednesday night that the coalition to form a new government has been completed and will replace the Netanyahu government.

The announcement comes after the Knesset elected senior Labor Party member Herzog as Israel’s 11th president on Wednesday.

Herzog, 60, defeated educator Peretz to become the successor to incumbent President Rivlin. Rivlin was elected to the Knesset-determined, symbolic post in 2014.

Israel’s president has limited powers, mainly meeting with party leaders after parliamentary elections and appointing candidates to form a government. The person who actually holds executive power is the prime minister. However, the president can grant pardons. Netanyahu is now facing trial on charges of fraud and bribery, and the president may play an important function.

Herzog will be inaugurated on July 9. He comes from one of Israel’s most prestigious families and was first elected to the Knesset in 2003.