The U.S. Cultural Revolution Conspiracy is Advancing

On April 26th of this year, some Chinese in California launched an emergency protest rally against the state legislature’s proposal to mandate Communist “Cultural Revolution” theory in schools and to oppose the indoctrination of students in “Critical Race Theory” (CRT). The rally was held on the same day. At the rally, people displayed messages such as “Stop Racist AB101,” “AB101 = Hate Education,” “Stop Hate Education,” and “Stop the Hate Education. “No to California’s Communist Cultural Revolution” and other signs.

However, the proposal was officially passed at the end of May, pushed by left-wing Democratic legislators, and is about to become a California bill, which means that a model ethnic studies curriculum with critical racism at its core will become a mandatory course for California high school students.

We have discussed critical race theory before, but today we will focus on “teaching students to classify themselves”.

“The “Social Justice Course” in the Ethnic Studies curriculum teaches students that there is systemic racism in the United States, that whites are privileged oppressors and blacks and people of color are victims, that African ancestors should be worshiped, that collectivism is good and capitalism is bad, etc. capitalism bad, etc.

If that were all, it would not be a big problem. This curriculum is taught by first categorizing the students inside the school, and then both the school and the students have to be critical and self-critical.

The New York Post has reported on the same program in New York.

According to this report, the school uses a lecture by Barnor Hesse, associate professor of American race studies, political science and sociology at Northwestern University. According to this report, the school uses a categorization software developed by Barnor Hesse, an associate professor of American race studies, politics and society at Northwestern University, to first have students take a self-test, which automatically classifies them and their parents into eight categories, from red to green, from the most dangerous and worst red to the safest and most standardized green. White supremacists, red of course, are considered the worst group on the list, believing that there is a “distinctly white community in America that guards, identifies with and values white superiority.

A lower class of whites, called “white voyeurists” by the course, are guilty of being “white people who will not openly challenge white supremacists. While people in this group are described as desiring non-whiteness because it is “fun” and “pleasurable,” they are “trying to control people of color, consume and possess them.

Further down the hierarchy are the “white privileged,” white people who may outwardly “criticize white supremacy” while at heart they embrace “white interests,” though occasionally They may occasionally sympathize with social issues related to people of color, “but only in private.

Then there are the “white welfarists,” and frankly, I don’t understand who white welfarists are or why they need to be criticized.

Then there are the “confessionalists,” who are “seeking identity” from people of color, who will confess the original sin of the United States of America, but “expose the white identity and confess in the long run that this is a way to be responsible for people of color. ……”, I guess these people are only repenting, but refuse to challenge those white supremacists, so they must also be criticized.

Then there are the whites, who accept criticism of whiteness from all walks of life and are committed to funding, exposing, and criticizing the white regime, and who refuse to collude with the reactionary white government, so they are “white people to talk to”.

Then came the white traitors, who “actively refused to conspire with the white government” and wanted to “subvert white authority at all costs and tell the truth about history. These were the “good guys,” who could pretty much be classified as people of color.

Finally, there are the white abolitionists, the “racial component” that the school is required to truly embrace and recommend in the course materials, i.e., the “good” people who have long been committed to “dismantling white power” and “not allowing white power to reappear. The “good” white people who have been working for a long time to “dismantle the white regime” and “not to allow white power to return” are, to put it bluntly, the “revolutionaries” who have been trying to overthrow the existing American system. Probably the “Antifa” people.

Of course, in addition to ethnic studies courses, there are other courses in California that involve students understanding power structures and forms of oppression, challenging patriarchy, centralization, anti-indigeneity, Islamophobia and transphobia, and exploring the history and struggles of the LGBTQ community.

To me, this one is a nakedly communist approach. The goal of communism is to overthrow the existing system, and their tool is to use all the tools to divide society, to inflame the contradictions between all sides, to create a culture of mutual hatred and opposition, and then the inevitable disintegration of society. Leninism and Maoism, in fact, used pretty much the same methods, the only difference being that they used violent revolution, directly slaughtering all kinds of counter-revolutionaries, but during the revolution and maintenance of power, they divided society as much as possible, using basically the exact same means and methods.

In 1949, when the CCP seized power in mainland China, the first thing they did was to do the same thing. Everyone in mainland China had to report their origins, mainly their fathers or grandfathers, what occupations they had done and how rich or poor they were before ’49. At that time, the division was simple, with a few simple categories, workers, capitalists, landlords, rich peasants, poor peasants, middle peasants, urban artisanal industrialists and commercialists, etc. But later on, this division of origin became more and more detailed, and of course more and more types, and finally there was a “family origin code”.

Workers are 1; commune members are 2; common peasants 3; hired peasants 4; poor peasants 5; lower middle peasants 6; middle peasants 7; upper middle peasants 8; rich middle peasants 9; cadres 10; revolutionary soldiers 11; revolutionary martyrs 12; employees 14; urban poor 15; freelance 16; shopkeepers 17; small craftsmen 18; small traders 19; merchants 20; small business owners 21; vagrants 22; capitalists 23; house renters 25; small land rental26; landlord28; rich farmer29; rich farmer and industrial/commercial30; landlord and industrial/commercial31; clerk and landlord32; broken down landlord (bankrupt landlord)34; managing public hall35; old clerk41; old officer42; old soldier43; old official44; Chinese handicrafts46; herdsman50; slave52; serf53; lord54; tusker58; tusker head59 Hundred households60; Thousand households61; Others99.

A friend of mine’s father told me a story. During the Cultural Revolution, he and a friend cleaned up one day, and the friend accidentally broke the plaster statue of Mao Zedong on the floor.

The only difference between the two of them was their origins. My friend’s father came from a poor farmer, while his friend’s origin was that of a landlord. In other words, if you make the same mistake, if you come from a landlord, you will probably become a so-called “current counter-revolutionary”, while if you come from a poor peasant, you will at most be reviewed, no other punishment.

When this story was told after the Cultural Revolution, everyone who heard it laughed and thought it was absurd. I really didn’t expect that this kind of absurdity would happen in the United States almost fifty years later.

To be honest, for most Chinese from mainland China, you can basically smell what American race-critical theory is with your nose, because it is too familiar. This is somewhat like the virus that is now prevalent, and those of us who have been infected already have antibodies because we have been infected.

Now whether it’s in California or New York, the Chinese are a big force in standing up against critical race theory coming into schools, and those Chinese are mainly from mainland China. And the Chinese who support it are either from Taiwan or Hong Kong if they were not born and raised in the United States. This is certainly not surprising at all.

At the rally in California, one parent, Kelson Sun, argued that dividing people by skin color and advocating racism is actually paving the way to achieve racism. Thus, teaching racism in schools is a systematic teaching of hate. He gets to the point that this education is primarily about inciting hatred.

He said, “All people must have a seed of hatred when they hate each other. Whether it is divided by race or any other division, it is inciting hatred. In the history of mankind, whether in mainland China, Burma or Cambodia, one can clearly see things that have been done due to hatred education that has produced like for like killings. I don’t believe anyone who upholds the founding of the United States should pass such a proposal.”

He added, “If there are Americans who still don’t know (the evils), I suggest that they can go see the Khmer Rouge Memorial and see the white bones. Imagine why those people went to shoot their own countrymen? It is because there is hatred in their hearts; where does hatred come from? Isn’t it just forced indoctrination? If you don’t agree with that hatred, you can’t graduate, you can’t get a job, and we don’t want to put our children in that situation.”

Mr. Lee, a Chinese parent, said that the tutorial tears America into two classes: the “oppressed” and the “oppressor. According to this theory, white people are classified as the “oppressed” class and other people of color become the “oppressed” class. “And we Asians have become the ‘white-adjacent’ ‘quasi-oppressed’ class, which is a blatant hate attack on Asians.”

He said, “We came to America in pursuit of freedom and human rights, in pursuit of a good life, and we want the next generation to grow up with all kinds of freedoms as well, not to be brainwashed to look like Chinese Cultural Revolution-style Red Guards, full of hatred for our society, full of hatred for our friends around us, full of hatred for our neighbors.”

I agree with these Chinese-American parents.

Critical race theory is premised on the truth, which needs no proof, that America is a country of racist oppression.

America did have a racial problem at one time, as have all other countries. Every race in the world, whether white black or yellow, and every country, has had problems with cultural or racial discrimination. But the United States does not have an institutional discrimination problem right now. There is no way, by any means, to prove that there is institutional racial discrimination in the United States right now.

I think what we need to be most vigilant about is that there are people who are using economic, racial, gender, and all kinds of methods to divide this society, and then to intensify the conflicts between various ethnic groups, to create hatred, and finally they gain monopoly power in the society. Of course, in the end, as we all know, the self-proclaimed proletarians who seized power back then have become the privileged class in mainland China or the Soviet Union, or have become billionaires.

These extreme leftists in the United States will only end up going the same way.