Five news hotspots hit the face of the CPC centennial party celebration more embarrassing

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been rivetingly proclaiming the 100-year history of its founding, however, the reality does not give way. In May alone, several major news events exposed a variety of social problems under the CCP’s rule, causing deep embarrassment to the CCP.

First, the opening up of the three-child policy was bombarded

On May 31, the Communist Party’s Politburo meeting decided to open up the birth of three children, and the Internet exploded with the news. The news was met with almost unanimous sarcasm and criticism by mainland netizens, and the reaction of the public and the related background was reported by many international media. Many analysts have pointed out that this incident proves from the side that the official population census data just released by the Chinese Communist Party is watered down, and the actual situation of population decline in the mainland must be quite serious.

From the strict implementation of “family planning” for more than 30 years, to the introduction of “two children”, and then to the encouragement of three children, the Chinese Communist Party firmly controls the reproductive rights of its citizens, and the Party decides whether to have children or not, and how many children to have. Moreover, the Party’s policies change at the drop of a hat, from one extreme to another, leaving people at a loss as to what to do. It is no wonder that some women are saying, “I am not a pig.

Many scholars have long argued that the forceful implementation of “one-child” is itself a disrespect for the laws of population development and science, and is bound to fail. Now, after more than 30 years of “birth control” efforts, China’s population ratio between men and women is imbalanced, the number of births has fallen for four consecutive years, the fertility rate is below the alert line, aging is increasing, and the demographic dividend is disappearing. This means that the economic development and profits based on a large labor force will also be seriously affected, which is a burden that the CCP cannot afford. This reality is said to be the “retribution” for the CCP’s anti-human “birth control”.

While the Communist Party portrays the beauty of “three children”, people remember the cruelty and absurdity of “one child”. In many parts of the country, forced IUDs, forced ligations, and forced abortions are the norm, and even medical and birth control commissioners are killing babies alive after induced abortions, which is appalling. Horrific slogans are common: “It is better to add a grave than a mouthful of people. If one person is over-born, the whole village will be ligated. Press out, squeeze out, bleed out, but don’t let them be born. Who does not practice family planning, they will tell his family to break up and die.”

According to incomplete statistics, about 400 million fetuses have been killed due to family planning. Many media reports have cited the figure that China ranks first in the world with an average of 13 million abortions per year, and that family planning procedures performed in 2012 resulted in more than 700 cases of uterine perforation and more than 3,100 infections. It is no wonder that some commentators have pointed out that the “one-child” policy is actually a “party policy” that “stains everyone with blood”.

In addition, in order to control “over-births”, the birth control authorities have arbitrarily imposed economic sanctions and violent abuses, resulting in a large number of human rights persecution cases, and “birth control refugees” have become a sad feature of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule.

In February 2011, Xu Dali of Linyi, Shandong Province, gave birth to her second child by accident because the birth control ring had been removed, and when she went abroad to avoid giving birth, local government officials and hired social loafers broke into Xu’s mother’s house at night and vandalized it with impunity. The killer is at large. Xu Dali said: “It (the Chinese Communist Party) is to establish the laws of the country by its own will, so that you can have a baby, but not let you have a baby, you can not have a baby. It is very unfair to the society and to the people! How many innocent lives it has killed!”

The “one-child” policy has also given rise to “family planning committees” with a total of about 500,000 members, and the family planning departments are paid bonuses as a percentage of the fines for over-birth, while local governments increase their fiscal revenues, leading to an insane increase in “social support fees”. This has led to an insane increase in “social support fees”. Many “family planning” cadres confess that they are doing the unethical job of cutting off people’s children and grandchildren, and are looked upon with disdain and scorn. Now, with the introduction of “two-child” and “three-child”, the “birth control committee” has been abolished, and some people who used to “birth control The “birth control committee” has been abolished, and some people who used to be in the business of “birth control” have changed from forcing people to have their tubes tied to chasing after them to do pregnancy tests and promote the benefits of having a second child. This career reversal with the party’s policy reversal is sad.

The large number of netizens boycotting the three-child policy also reflects the high housing prices, the heavy burden of education, and the lack of social welfare that parents need to endure. One netizen wrote: people are seen as resources, people are seen as tools. People should be seen as human beings first.

Why is “laying flat” a hot topic?

In May, “laying flat” became a buzzword on the Internet on the mainland, and its specific connotations include: “not buying a house, not buying a car, not getting married, not having a baby, not consuming” and “maintaining a minimum standard of living, refusing to become a machine for others to make money and being exploited as a slave. This concept embodies the contemporary young people’s view of the present situation. This concept reflects the contemporary young people’s resistance to the current high burden life model and their non-violent non-cooperation with the “cutting of leeks”.

In response, several major official Communist Party media outlets quickly took the wind out of their sails, criticizing “lying flat” as “shameful” and saying, “It’s okay to resign yourself to fate, but not to lie flat.” This is a very ruthless statement, meaning: you may be born poor, but you must set your alarm clock and wind it up to contribute to the “country”.

The party media’s condescension provoked more responses from people who said: doing what you should do is not called “lying flat”, it’s called really standing up. Others said: not dedicated to socialism for life, ignore the media’s “chicken soup”, because what we see around us is the star easily earning millions of dollars, corrupt officials holding multiple sets of property, as if “people eat lobster on high-speed trains, you in the autumn wind in the sluggish taste of half-pulled nest”. “Your starting point is the unattainable end of my life”.

The gap between the rich and the poor, education, housing, welfare and many other resources are unevenly distributed, official corruption, the current situation on the mainland makes the young generation tired and helpless, then, “lying flat” is not a good option.

This kind of uncooperative mentality and bold voice made the Chinese Communist authorities panic. The “leeks” want to change their fate and avoid the harvesting scythe, so what will happen next? So, the “foreign forces” were brought up again by some people. Strange, why does the Party think that the Chinese do not have the ability to think for themselves? If the “foreign forces” really “succeeded”, wouldn’t it mean that the Party’s century of “glory” is pale and powerless?

The vicious incidents in Nanjing and other places are disturbing

On the night of May 29, a vicious assault occurred in downtown Nanjing. A man ran over his ex-wife with his car and stabbed a passerby with a knife. The Internet was in a state of shock: “Tonight Nanjing is too scary.” One netizen said, “In the future, a harmonious society should not only ban guns, the Internet and speech, but also bans on cars, marriages and knives.”

The Chinese Communist Party keeps on exaggerating the “spiritual civilization” and “achievements” of the “harmonious society”, but there are many vicious incidents everywhere, and the atmosphere of violence is pervasive in the former However, vicious incidents are occurring everywhere, and violence pervades the former “state of propriety and righteousness”, and everyone is at risk. This shows that the CCP’s governance has failed, and the CCP’s “education” has failed. Because the CCP started and maintained its rule by violence and lies, it naturally infiltrated violence and lies into its ideological indoctrination, and fed the nation with the “wolf’s milk” of atheism and overwhelming party spirit. As one netizen put it well, education in the CCP forbids conscience and morality.

Generations of Chinese people have witnessed the brutality of the Chinese Communist Party’s tyranny: the land reform that killed landlords and “counter-revolutionaries,” the Red Guards killing the principal alive, the June 4 tank crushing students, the police persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, and the city police brutally beating hawkers… …Decades have passed, but under the oppressive rule of the Chinese Communist Party and in a social environment dominated by communism and Marxism-Leninism, universal values are not tolerated by the regime, but are merely decorative embellishments that hardly penetrate the hearts of people. Only those who do not follow the party blindly and are good at active thinking and finding the truth can cleanse the spiritual infringement of the party culture layer by layer, and can restore and maintain the truth and goodness in the traditional cultural philosophy.

Fourth, Gansu marathon tragedy shocked China and abroad

May 22, Gansu Yellow River Stone Forest 100 km cross-country race tragedy: in the bad weather, 21 runners were frozen alive, shocked China and abroad, triggering public anger.

The direct cause of the accident is that the race operating company did not strictly comply with the rules (such as mandatory athletes to carry warm clothes, etc.), did not provide due supplies and arrange rescue personnel and equipment in the middle of the race, did not issue a warning according to the weather forecast, did not announce the suspension of the race in a timely manner, the rescue was delayed …… all of the above should not appear, which The result was a major casualty.

The public asks: First, how can a company with such a lack of expertise and safety awareness be able to host such a high-risk competition? Secondly, what are the interests behind this? Third, how many similar companies across the country are playing with the health and lives of athletes to run high-risk competitions?

In addition to the specific operating company, this Gansu event was sponsored by the Baiyin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and hosted by the Baiyin Sports Bureau, Jingtai County Party Committee and Jingtai County Government, which means that Communist Party officials gave a license to that unqualified company. In response to this, the Gansu Provincial Party Committee has set up a working group to pursue responsibility, starting, of course, with the Baiyin Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government. Which officials will be punished? What can they find out?

On May 23, the mayor of Baiyin City, at a press conference, characterized the accident as a “public safety incident due to a sudden change in local weather”. This is the same as a “natural disaster” to cover up a “man-made disaster”. The outside world knows, the so-called investigation, at best, only to punish the sports company, the launch of a small not slippery, in order to civilian anger. When people gradually forget about the tragedy, the local government will continue to do what they want to do, not change the soup. This applies to all areas under the Chinese Communist Party, and sports competitions are no exception.

According to media reports, dozens of similar races have been cancelled or postponed nationwide after the Gansu Marathon accident, mainly because many participants’ families strongly requested them to withdraw from the race, raising concerns and scrutiny of the phenomenon of a flurry of long-distance running events on the mainland.

In China, the marathon is not a mass sporting event, but in recent years it has become more and more popular because the local government uses it as a living “poster” for attracting investment. If done successfully, it can also promote tourism, bring benefits and highlight political achievements. However, in the interest chain of this stimulating business opportunities, the local government and the specific companies operating in order to maximize their own interests, then the race organization and safety costs squeezed to a minimum. Therefore, this marathon disaster is actually unavoidable.

When the party media published an article with “life warning”, when the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection calls for a thorough investigation, all walks of life should see that the Gansu Baiyin incident reflects the chaos of the mainland marathon, and this chaos reflects the local government’s blind pursuit of political achievements, reckless safety brutal mode. This trend is also reflected in the indiscriminate logging, crazy development, knocking down traditional buildings and other acts. The deeper factor driving these actions is the CCP’s thinking that goes against the grain, against human nature and materialism. Thus, 21 outstanding athletes could not escape the fate of being harvested.

V. Chengdu 49 middle school student fell to his death, the public wants the truth

At around 6:00 p.m. on May 9, Lin Weiqi, a sophomore at Chengdu 49 Middle School, fell to his death on the school grounds. His family was notified more than two hours later. Lin’s mother took to her personal microblog early the next morning to point out that there were many suspicions about her son’s death, including the school preventing parents from entering the campus, not providing surveillance footage, and the body being taken directly to the funeral home instead of the hospital. She wrote: “I’m sorry son, mommy didn’t protect you, and I can’t even ask for justice for you.”

On the night of May 11, a large number of parents and citizens gathered at 49th High School, holding flowers and chanting “truth” before being chased away by police. A few days later, CCTV and other media released the relevant surveillance video allegedly provided by the school to the police, but only missing the image of the part of the fall of the deceased, on the grounds that it was a blind spot. Many netizens said that the video is likely to be fake, and even if it is true, they do not believe the official story, because the doubts have not been clarified.

For now, the truth is still a mystery. The picture of Lin Weiqi’s mother sitting at the school gate crying with her son’s effigy in her hand has spread around the world and is saddening.


The above five news events reflect the disastrous and inhumane nature of the Chinese Communist Party’s rule from different aspects. The people are deprived of their reproductive rights, their right to speak, and are even forbidden to choose the course of their lives and reflect on the meaning of life.

Currently, the Communist Party of China is increasing its foreign propaganda efforts to promote the “China story” written by the Party and the “China voice” shaped by the Party. On the other hand, if those in power had the courage to open up the Internet and the media and allow the Chinese people to speak freely, the outside world would naturally see a real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China.