Bai Xia: Tang Jitian went to Japan to care for his seriously ill daughter An Neng threatened national security

Tang Jitian, a well-known Chinese human rights lawyer, was prevented by the authorities at Fuzhou airport on June 2 from leaving the country on his way to Japan to take care of his seriously ill daughter, on the grounds that he might endanger national security and interests. The French sinologist Bai Xia, a signatory of the 100-strong solidarity campaign with Tang Jitian, believes that the Chinese Communist Party seems to have lost its most basic humanity, which is very worrying!

According to Tang Jitian, his daughter, who went to Japan two years ago to study, was examined in mid-April after feeling sick and learned that she had tuberculosis, and was admitted to a local hospital in Tokyo on April 30. He is currently being treated in the intensive care unit.

Tang Jitian has been applying to the authorities since early May to have his border control lifted and be allowed to leave the country to take care of his daughter in Japan. However, Chinese public security authorities repeatedly made things difficult, kicking each other between Beijing and Jilin police, and finally abducted him at the airport after a month of delays. When the airport police tore up his boarding pass, Tang Jitian said: His heart was torn out!

I hope they can find their conscience and make a decision that is in line with human nature, humanity and human decency, so that I can travel as soon as possible and do my as a father. “

On May 23, nearly 100 experts, scholars, professors, and lawyers from around the world, including New York University law professor Kong Jierong and University of Chicago visiting professor Teng Biao, signed an open letter in solidarity with lawyer Tang Jitian, calling on the Chinese government to allow him to travel to Japan to take care of his daughter based on humanitarianism and respect for his human rights obligations.

Professor Bai Xia, one of the signatories of the open letter, was saddened to learn that Tang Jitian was intercepted at the airport. He told the station, “Lawyer Tang Jitian is, in the Chinese Communist Party’s own words, a dead tiger, a lawyer who respects the rule of law, but they have not allowed him to be a lawyer for a long time, and he is now an ordinary person. This time his daughter was very seriously ill in Japan, and he asked for it many times and was still intercepted at the end. How could he threaten national security by visiting his daughter in Japan. Many scholars and lawyers have joined together to call on Beijing to give Tang Jitian a free pass, because now it is not a political issue, but a humane one, but this regime seems to have lost even the most basic humanity, which is a very serious and worrying problem. “

Tang Jitian is a well-known Chinese human rights lawyer who has defended the rights of groups such as victims of illegal land expropriation, AIDS victims, and Falun Gong believers. He has been imprisoned several times since 2009 and had his license to practice law revoked by the authorities in 2010 for promoting direct election to the Bar Association and assisting Falun Gong practitioners, and has been under border control by the authorities ever since.