The “second generation of the people” can not stand the local government nuisance to the provincial government proposed to donate the enterprise free of charge

Since Xi Jinping came to power, the Chinese Communist Party has strengthened its control over private enterprises, and the trend is for the state to advance and the people to retreat. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and other private entrepreneurs have become the fattest of the “leeks”, and local governments are constantly making things difficult for private enterprises. A “second generation of people” can not stand the local government nuisance, wrote a letter to the provincial government, proposed to the enterprise free donations to the government, and even shouted “China’s private entrepreneurs are too bitter too difficult, I really do not dare to engage!”

A letter circulating online, “Request to Donate Xiangda Group to the Government and Apply for Government Takeover,” is signed by “Zhang Jianhang,” daughter of Zhang Dewu, chairman of Hubei Xiangda Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Group Co. The letter names Hubei Provincial Party Secretary Ying Yong, Governor Wang Zhonglin and other officials, saying that it has been 19 months since her father Zhang Dewu was investigated, accusing the task force of deceiving the top and concealing the bottom, and that in order to wrap up her father’s case, it initiated a retrial of her father’s case, which was concluded 20 years ago, and arrested the group’s general manager.

The letter pointed out that the task force case officers violated the law and forced to break into cabinets to obtain evidence, destroy biosecurity prevention endangering production and operation, but also publicly insulted and slandered his father and his personal, threatened employees with their children, illegally seized 154 million production funds and falsified evidence transcripts, resulting in the group’s employees are at risk, shrouded in the great terror of the Zhuxi County task force, fearing arrest at any time.

Zhang Jianhang is a returnee doctor had worked in the system

Zhang Jianhang said in his letter that he had previously worked for a company affiliated with the China Securities Regulatory Commission and had studied for a PhD in economics at the University of California, and immediately returned to China to help his father stabilize the business, but was branded by the Zhuxi County Public Security Bureau as a misappropriation of funds, and was threatened by the public security officials, saying that as long as she was in charge of the business, she could find charges to “get me in.

Zhang Jianhang sighed in his letter that his father had worked early and late every day, raising the business as a child for 20 years, “but it is too hard for private entrepreneurs in China, I really don’t dare to engage in it, and I can’t hold on to it.” Zhang Jianhang even requested that all of Xiangda’s assets be donated to the government for free, and that the government immediately send a working group to take over the Xiangda Group in full, “to ensure that this enterprise, which has been carefully nurtured by the party government in Yicheng, Xiangyang, for 20 years, survives and that our more than 5,000 employees and the thousands of cooperative households have food to eat and no longer live in fear every day. “

According to public information, Hubei Xiangda Group was founded by Zhang Dewu in 2001, with business scope spanning agriculture and animal husbandry, industry and logistics, etc. It now has assets of more than 7 billion RMB and is one of the top 500 private enterprises in China.