Guangdong variant virus super fast and super strong

Guangdong, China, has encountered a variant of coronavirus that is super-fast and highly infectious. The South China Network called for a “national mobilization to race against the virus”. Local officials are said to be under great pressure as the Communist Party’s centennial celebration is approaching.

According to Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of the Guangzhou CDC, quoted by today, June 2, the virus spreads very fast and strongly in this outbreak, and can be spread through brief non-direct contact.

The news published on the website of the Guangdong Health Commission said that as of 24:00 on June 1, the province had reported a total of 2,481 confirmed cases (including 1,038 cases imported from abroad).

From 0-24 June 1, 10 new local confirmed cases were reported in the province, including 7 cases reported in Guangzhou; 3 cases reported in Foshan. These 10 cases were all confirmed cases from asymptomatic infected persons.

In addition, there were 7 new cases of asymptomatic indigenous infections, 5 cases reported in Guangzhou and 2 cases reported in Shenzhen.

The Financial Times today analyzed the direction of the epidemic in Guangdong, pointing out that in addition to the incubation period, traffic control, nucleic acid testing, postponement of high school exams, and vaccine effectiveness, there is also the special political pressure on Guangdong officials for the centennial of the Communist Party this year.

Another epidemic area, Anhui Province, has linked the prevention of the epidemic to the centennial of the party. According to the official website of the Chinese Health Care Commission, Li Jinbin, secretary of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee, stated in two meetings in mid-May that he would “strive to prevent the epidemic and stabilize the situation within an incubation period” and “deal with the epidemic in the province in the shortest possible time to provide a safe and stable environment for the celebration of the Party’s centennial. “.