“Lay flat” has become a sensitive word, and Douban has closed several related discussion groups.

The term “lying flat” has recently become a buzzword on the Chinese Internet, and the attitude of life that emphasizes “working less, not buying houses, not shopping, not getting married and not having children” has been criticized by some official media. Some Hong Kong media reported that the Chinese social networking site Douban has recently shut down several discussion groups related to “lying flat”, and some users have been banned or blocked for mentioning “lying flat” in their posts.

Hong Kong media “Hong Kong 01” reported on Tuesday that some netizens found last Sunday that several “lie flat groups” on the Douban platform had been blocked, and related posts had been deleted one after another. By Monday evening, many netizens found that “lie flat” had been set as a sensitive word by Douban. Some users complained about this, saying, “Lying flat is not harmful to God.”

However, there are still many topics about “lie flat” on Weibo, the “lie flat bar” of Baidu posting bar is still open, and Zhihu also still has many relevant answers. Therefore, some netizens criticized Douban for being too conservative in restricting the freedom of expression in this regard.