Don’t enroll in colleges that will sell you to a part-time job

During last year’s epidemic, extremely strict controls were implemented throughout the country on mobile populations, and major universities generally implemented a policy of school closure.

Throughout 2020, there was basically no public opinion around the country brought about by the mandatory internship of college students, which is considered to be a long time for Dr. Chen to live.

But this year, with the improvement of the domestic epidemic, the recovery of economic secondary and tertiary industries, certain people began to move again.

Being arranged plainly

In the past two days, several students from a university in Hebei found Dr. Chen complaining.

They are sophomore students of the leisure sports program (undergraduate) of the university’s physical education department. After the start of this semester, the college leaders gave them a surprise.

They have to go to several large golf courses in Hebei, Beijing and Tianjin to work as caddies for half a year later in the year.

Unlike some previous cases, this school arranged these things not in the name of “internship”, but packaged it as a mandatory course for this major. It was packaged as a mandatory course for the major.

Of course, the leaders made it very clear.

From the beginning of May until the end of October when the weather is cold and the course is free of customers, the internship will not end and the students will return to school.

Next year (junior year), you have to work at the course for half a year, and if you don’t go, you won’t get a diploma.

What about other classes? I have a full schedule of classes in a month.

The teacher will either let the exams slip or open the papers, but you will not be delayed in going to work.

What about summer and winter vacations? You have the right attitude! What do workers think about summer vacation?

When they arrived at their respective places of work, the treatment was not quite the same from one course to another.

Some course managers told them: only food and accommodation, no base salary, income all rely on the tips given by the guests.

A student serving guests to play a full court, it takes 4-6 hours, the guests give 200 yuan tip, the court 10%, the school 10%, the students can get 160 yuan.

There are also stadiums that pay them a base salary of several hundred dollars, but the tip rate is also slightly lower, you can get 100-120 dollars per game tips. There is no written contract or agreement between these students and the ballpark.

This means that if an accident occurs during the internship and the student suffers a work-related injury or death

The stadium side can just push three, two, five, and the student side can’t get any evidence to prove that they have a labor relationship with this company.

In order to cover up, the school also asked them to sign such a “voluntary internship” application form.

Chen Dafu went to the school’s official website and found that this “internship program” may also be part of the “talent cooperation” between the school and a central enterprise. The “talent cooperation” part.

The students above were divided into several courses, part of the central enterprises under the name of the industry.

“Talent training industry chain enterprise cooperation model”; ” Collaborative education model innovation” ……

The students are sold to work part-time, from their hard-earned tips, can also be packaged into such a lofty and positive “new concept of education”.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

I admire the five bodies, just want to show the school leaders left hand right hand a slow motion, raise both hands to a 666.

Earn money well, not shabby

According to the statistics of the mainstream media under the Central Committee of the Mission: the future network, from 2016-2018, only the phenomenon of forced student internships publicly exposed by the media involved 27 universities.

Including X Cheng University in Shandong; XX College in Jiangxi; Great Wall College of a university; a college in Liupanshui; a college in Tangshan; a college in Handan; a college in Nanning, etc., all over the country in more than a dozen provinces.

This statistic is also just the tip of the iceberg. Behind every case that can be noticed by public opinion, there are at least 100 unknown ones hidden.

Forced internships by schools and companies are not something that only specialist students encounter.

In the past two or three years, students who have approached Dr. Chen for help with forced internships have been involved in more than 20 colleges and universities.

From specialist vocational colleges, to ordinary undergraduate colleges, and even a few 211 universities in the imperial capital.

These key university students, as well as the school will be forced to go to the electronics foundry to assemble cell phones, to the 618 promotion of e-commerce logistics company warehouses to move goods, to serve dishes in high-class hotels, to the golf course to carry the ball bag for the guests.

If you do not have the sense to go to work for them, you will also encounter the threat of “not going will not have a diploma”.

Such “school-enterprise cooperation” has considerable benefits for both parties.

The company gets a cheap and stable labor force that is easy to manage.

The university also gets a share in it, and the teachers who directly handle it often get a lot of gray income.

There is also a network of large and small labor intermediary companies connecting schools and employers.

Previously, when investigating the incident of forced student internship at Liaocheng University, the future network reporter found that the students went through three layers of labor agencies from the school to the employer. The students were forced to work for the university.

In order to facilitate the management of these students, the employer will often be responsible for the leadership of the faculty, as well as the lead teacher of the internship to give focus on solicitation.

Once Dr. Chen chatted with a teacher at a university in Shandong, he said that a few years ago when he first joined, he did not understand why every year during the internship season, the teachers in the hospital are eager to take students to the factory.

Then one time, the institution temporarily arranged for him and another teacher to take several hundred students to a factory in the Yangtze River Delta for a three-month internship.

When the employer gave them a reception, they promised them a five-figure favor at the dinner table, asking them to help “watch the students and don’t let them get into trouble.

He refused the money on the spot out of conscience, but another teacher who went with him remained silent throughout.

Then, within a few days of returning to school after the internship, the “silence is golden” teacher took his family on a trip to the Maldives.

The college teacher I talked to said that he hadn’t participated in the student internship program since then, and that he felt he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if he earned that kind of money.

But apparently, including this time we just said that the university in Hebei.

I’m afraid that in this industry, up and down, it’s still the mainstream that gets the money with peace of mind.

Just like “Let the Bullets Fly”, Master Ge said that: earn money, it is business, not shabby.

Is this the norm in the industry?

The school, the agency and the employer all benefit, then whose interests are damaged?

The students, of course, who are unable to defend their rights.

It’s not just a matter of working for a few months and being exploited for a portion of their salary, many students’ academic plans have been disrupted by the “internship program” imposed by the school.

A few students who told me about the program said that the employment situation of their major is not good, and many of their classmates had planned to go to graduate school for interdisciplinary studies or to get a teaching certificate.

But the school directly into the sophomore and junior “internship” for six months each, the original year of the course into the remaining six months, they study for the exam time There is no time left for them to study for their exams.

There is a deeper conflict of values behind the issue of forced internships.

When these college students can be put in a pile of 300,500, with a price tag and wait for employers to pick them, without the right to refuse.

Their dignity as human beings is dissolved and they become a commodity, an object whose sense of self has been suppressed.

According to Marxism, this is the ultimate exploitation of workers’ personal dignity, the “serfdom” of the new era.

I can’t stand to see the work and living conditions that my classmates send me when they are forced to go to internships.

That’s why Dr. Chen, who is just an ordinary self-publisher, has been using his weak voice to help these students speak out over the years.

The things I witnessed have crossed the bottom line of values in my heart.

I think our education, Chinese colleges and universities should not be like this, as if the whole is into the eyes of money.

There are many countries in the world that are poorer than China, and there are many countries that are richer than us, and most of them do not have a more robust legal environment than China.

Why in other countries, basically I have not heard of any university will force their students to go to the factory, a dozen hours a day a dry dry six months.

But in China, this practice is widespread and considered the norm by the industry?

I also understand that the interests behind this industry chain are too lucrative to be changed by one or two appeals.

Even if the documents from the Ministry of Education stipulate it, they will be simply ignored.

What we can do here is probably only to remind these candidates who are about to walk into the college entrance examinations.

When applying for the exam, never apply for schools and faculties that will sell you to a part-time job.

It’s true that a lot of this information can only be searched online or asked by seniors, which is difficult for individual students to obtain.

But in this case, students can only try to help themselves now.

Because you just you enrolled in the school later, it is impossible to reason with the school, once you fall into the pit is very difficult to climb out.

Previously, someone on GitHub compiled a “programmer looking for work blacklist”, very popular in the coder circle, helping many workers to avoid the pit in the workplace The list is very popular in the coder community, helping many workers avoid the pitfalls of the workplace.

Over the years, Chen Dafu has been eager to compile a similar “blacklist for college entrance exam candidates” to help students avoid mines and pits.

The project is open and neutral through GitHub’s offshoring and diverse participation, ensuring that the information provided is unbiased, true and fair.

But because I really don’t know anything about programming, this wish has not been realized.

If someone could make this project happen in the future, it would be a great thing to do and would help many college students.