Avalanche barking dog send multi-story building

There is a wave of dropouts from prestigious schools, and rich parents who love their country and Hong Kong seem to refuse to gamble with the future of their children. The children of two consecutive Chief Executives are studying in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, or Macau? No nonsense, it is the best spokesman for British education.

A country or city abounds in two-faced personnel small, because a large number of parents do not trust their own education, the British education business gradually turned into the education industry, and from the education industry into education business. While there is a lot of cash and customer income in the short term, in the medium term it is necessary to lower the level of English and admission standards to meet the price of goods. In the end, three hundred years of education reputation, including the British public opinion that Cambridge University has become a Chinese consumer colony, is the problem of Britain.

The presence of thousands of educational refugees in Hong Kong should be a disgrace to this government. In today’s “East is rising, West is falling”, China and Hong Kong are booming, Britain and Europe are dying, it should be the middle class parents and rich people in Britain who are scrambling to send their children to Hong Kong to study at Diocesan, La Salle and St. Paul’s; or more correctly, it should be the British ghost boys and girls who are applying in large numbers to patriotic schools like Hanwha Island in Hong Kong SAR. They can use this as a springboard to go on to study in the Greater Bay Area and the mainland to study at Peking University, Tsinghua and Fudan, to have a degree from one of China’s leading universities, and to return to London and the UK to find a job with a promising future.

Then in the logical procedure, it should be the Hong Kong Education Bureau to set up the Chinese language entrance standard test for British and American secondary school students to study in Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Economic, Trade and Cultural Office in London, where there are long lines of British parents day after day, anxiously asking about studying in Hong Kong and begging to arrange written tests to get their children out of this hell on earth in the UK.

Now it is the opposite. So may I ask Uncle Tung: Your Excellency says that there is no future for BNO immigrants to the UK, but why do the richer the parents feel that there is no future in staying in Hong Kong to study?

Since the Education Bureau of the SAR Government feels no responsibility, then why not follow the example of the launch of the lucky draw for giving away buildings to stimulate Hong Kong people to get vaccinated, the Education Bureau of the SAR announced that: anyone who studied in a prestigious school in Hong Kong and insisted on staying until the moment of the S6 DSE examination will also have a floor available for the lucky draw.

Starting from F3, the SAR government will subsidize students’ midday meal for free for those who stay until the DSE exam. The Chief Executive and the Secretary for Education guarantee with their personalities that the value of each meal will be higher than the $16 at Penny’s Bay.

However, those who have the money to send their children to boarding schools in the UK immediately, I am afraid that they have already lived on the Peak in Hong Kong, and have a luxury house in Hyde Park, London.