June 4 dissidents to be traveled Tiananmen Mothers’ determination to seek truth remains unchanged

On the eve of the 32nd anniversary of June 4, dissidents in Beijing and other places will be forced to travel. One of the founders of the “Tiananmen Mothers” group, Zhang Xianling, said in an interview with this station that for more than 30 years, the victims’ families have been demanding the truth, compensation and accountability for the June Fourth Incident.

This Friday marks the 32nd anniversary of June 4, and since Monday, dissidents in Beijing and other places have been taken away by local public security for travel or warned not to give interviews to journalists. The Beijing dissident told the station that the public security had already informed him to travel abroad on the eve of June 4 this year, but did not know the specific date and itinerary.

“He was told several times that he would have to go out on June 4, not in Beijing. On July 1, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, also have to go out. These two days are going out, can not stay in Beijing. According to the usual practice, every year on June 4 they have to have action.”

Others have not yet been notified of the tour, but have been told they are not allowed to give interviews to media outside the country. In response to our inquiries, Chengdu writer Tan Zuoren said he could not give interviews.

“I traveled for three days last year, and I haven’t heard (about the tour) this year. However, I have gotten used to it, and in the days before and after June 4, I don’t speak and I don’t give interviews.”

Jifeng, a 1989 dissident in Beijing, told the station Monday that police from his Guizhou hometown arrived in Beijing that day with the intention of taking him out of the city.

“They came from Guizhou at 2 o’clock (in the afternoon), three people, a secretary of the Tongzi County Political and Legal Committee, a state security chief, and a former state security chief. They told me to discuss where to go first, anyway, not this afternoon, tomorrow morning are going to go.”

Retired professor of Guizhou University Yang Shaozheng has suddenly lost contact with the outside world on May 18. His friends analyze Yang Shaozheng has been forced to travel by the authorities.

Tiananmen Mothers’ Tribute : “It is the responsibility of the Chinese Communist Party to solve the June 4 tragedy

A group of more than 100 Tiananmen Mothers in Beijing issued a tribute on Monday, saying that the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government are responsible for solving the June 4 tragedy.

The memorial says that on June 4, 1989, the People’s Liberation Army deployed tanks and soldiers with live ammunition to shoot and crush unarmed students and Beijing citizens. 32 years have passed since the tragedy, but the people cannot openly commemorate and pursue responsibility, and young people do not know or believe in the massacre.

The tribute says that the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government are expected to show sincerity and courage to set things right and take responsibility for the massacre, and reiterate the three demands of the Tiananmen Mothers: truth, compensation and accountability. The victims’ relatives should be compensated, and those responsible for ordering the shooting should be held legally accountable.

“One of the founders of the Tiananmen Mothers group, Zhang Xianling, told the station that she had not yet seen the public security officers on duty, and said that their determination for the June 4 tragedy remained the same.

“The first is the truth, the second compensation, the third accountability. Of course we also put forward the way is to dialogue with the government. As for these three demands can not be solved overnight, we can talk about them little by little. For example, the truth, whether you kill people, how many people, publish the list, to apologize for compensation, accountability is a very big thing, and more complex, which may take some time to solve.”

The pro-democracy movement that took place in Beijing 32 years ago was first initiated by students from various universities with the slogan “anti-corruption, anti-government” and then expanded to include the intellectual community and the general public, and was eventually suppressed by the authorities.

Zhang Xianling’s son Wang Nan was only 19 years old when he was killed. Zhang recalled that her son, Wang Nan, was shot in the head and killed at the south entrance of South Chang Street on the west side of Tiananmen Square. She said that during World War II, German fascists massacred Jews, and that post-war Jews have never forgotten the recriminations.

“World War II to now how many years, is not the people are still chasing blame, the Germans, the Jews are still chasing fascists.”

For decades, every year on the fourth anniversary of June, the Chinese people have been spontaneously commemorating June 4 at home, or using relevant pictures and special symbols to commemorate June 4.