Former Guizhou University professor Yang Shaozheng missing, fears detention

Yang Shaozheng, a former professor at Guizhou University who was expelled from the university for exposing corruption among Communist Party officials, has been missing for several days. Some media sources said that, in light of the recent arrests of dissidents in many places for no apparent reason, it is likely that Professor Yang has been secretly detained by the authorities.

On May 31, Yang Zili, the editor-in-chief of The Argument, told New Tang Dynasty that Professor Yang Shaozheng’s wife told him that Professor Yang had been missing for more than 10 days.

Yang Zili, editor-in-chief of the newspaper: “Professor Yang was expelled from Guizhou University, wasn’t he? So he usually does not teach classes. He has an old house outside his own home. His wife said that he was busy repairing that old house in the past two days, and he seldom came home for the night, and they only contacted each other by phone every day.”

Yang Shaozheng and his wife last spoke on the afternoon of May 17, 18 has been out of touch.

Yang Zili: “Because considering that Professor Yang has entered their blacklist, and then, the local police station police, state security, a little wind to go to him, and even called him to the police station. So that is why Professor Yang’s wife thinks it is very likely that he was detained by the authorities for this loss of contact.”

Yang Zili said that more than 10 days have passed, and if Professor Yang was detained, the authorities should have notified his family.

Yang said that the authorities are likely to keep an eye on various speech platforms and arrest people to create terror, in light of the recent arrests of Wang Aizhong in Guangzhou and Huang Xiaomin in Sichuan for no apparent reason.

Yang Zili: “Then I’m afraid it’s hard to say exactly what’s going on. Because the authorities have now tightened the limits of freedom of expression, so it is very likely that he said something inside the group or on Twitter and the authorities can detain him as a handle.”

Yang Shaozheng, 52, a native of Bazhong, Sichuan province, has a doctorate in economics from Southwest University of Finance and Economics and was formerly a professor at Guizhou University’s School of Economics. He was expelled from the university in August 2018 for exposing that Chinese Communist Party and government officials spend 20 trillion yuan a year. He has also been repeatedly summoned, detained and threatened with door-to-door warnings by the police for making statements critical of the government online.