Biden orders 17 top U.S. labs to intervene to investigate source of Chinese Communist virus

U.S. President Joe Biden on May 26 ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to submit a new report for him within 90 days on whether the Chinese Communist virus was a laboratory leak, and he also ordered 17 top U.S. laboratories to assist the intelligence agencies in their investigation. In addition, as members of the Five Eyes Coalition, intelligence agencies from Britain and Australia have joined the investigation.

A White House official said Biden has ordered 17 national laboratories under the U.S. Department of Energy to assist U.S. intelligence agencies in the next 90 days to investigate whether the Chinese Communist virus was leaked from a Chinese laboratory, the Daily Mail reported Saturday, May 29.

The Biden administration selected the top labs to assist in the investigation because they all have advanced supercomputers and access to vast amounts of previously unexamined data, White House officials said. The U.S. government did not say what data was submitted for analysis, but sources estimate that intelligence collected by previous intelligence agencies about the source of the virus, similar to intercepted signals or biological evidence, will likely be analyzed.

U.S. intelligence agencies regularly collect more data than their analysts can effectively access, and the U.S. government hopes to apply advanced algorithms to access large amounts of data to bring new breakthroughs in virus source investigations. The White House official said, “We will use the full resources of our intelligence and scientific communities to get to the bottom of this issue.”

The intelligence Washington gathered from routine surveillance of Wuhan researchers in late 2019 reportedly included intercepted phone calls, text messages and emails. And it wasn’t until after the U.S. government stepped up its investigation into the source of the virus and any possible links to the Wuhan lab last year that researchers discovered the intelligence.

In response, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), who has been urging an international investigation into the virus lab leak, said that while the Biden administration’s response to the issue was late, it was better than nothing. But he also believes the Biden administration’s response is still far from adequate. Our intelligence community has spent 15 months investigating this issue, and they’ve done a very good job,” Cotton said. But now the answers to the questions are in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, not the U.S. intelligence community.”

Cotton also noted that the Chinese Communist Party has not been forthcoming in informing the international community how the outbreak occurred. He said, “We should demand that they come clean and admit and tell us everything so that we have a clear picture of what happened in the Wuhan Virus Institute.”

The newspaper said circumstantial evidence has long made people suspicious of the Wuhan Virus Institute, as reports have shown that its staff has been engaged in experiments similar to the bat coronavirus.

Evidence has recently emerged that three staff members at the Wuhan Virus Lab had been sick with a similar infection with the CCP virus in November 2019, leading many who had been skeptical of the virus lab leak claim to begin seriously considering the possibility. In particular, the CCP claimed again this week that it would no longer participate in further WHO investigations into the source of the virus.

U.S. House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) led more than 200 Republican House members in recently calling on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to direct the Democratic-led House committee to investigate the CCP’s role in the outbreak.

In a letter to Pelosi, the Republican House members wrote: “There is growing evidence that the outbreak originated in Chinese laboratories and that the CCP covered it up. If so, the Chinese Communist Party should be held responsible for the deaths of 600,000 people in the United States and millions more worldwide.”

A senior British government security source recently said that British intelligence agencies are also assisting U.S. intelligence agencies in their investigation into the source of the Chinese Communist virus. The source said, “We are providing the U.S. with the intelligence that we have, on Wuhan, and also helping the U.S. in any way we can to validate and analyze the intelligence that they have.”

As members of the Five Eyes coalition, British and Australian intelligence agencies are already sharing intelligence with U.S. intelligence agencies. And Biden’s new request has led them to double down on sharing the evidence they have on the lab leak theory.