US media: How fact checkers lied to the public about the virus leak

The origin of the Chinese Communist virus (COVID-19) has recently come back into the spotlight. A conservative media outlet recently pointed out that U.S. media fact-checkers and their allies at big tech companies have suppressed the theory that the Chinese Communist virus came from a lab leak for more than a year, leaving many Americans in the dark about it.

The Daily Caller, a conservative media outlet, reported on May 28 that it is no coincidence that most Americans are just beginning to hear that the global outbreak of the Chinese Communist virus may have originated in a lab leak, as the theory has been suppressed by media company fact-checkers and Big Tech. Big tech companies have suppressed it.

In recent weeks, both the New York Times and the Washington Post, the leftist U.S. media, have also published numerous articles arguing that the new findings on the lab leak theory are potentially plausible, according to the paper. The theory suggests that the CCP virus was accidentally leaked from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virus Research.

However, when this theory first surfaced in early 2020, fact-checkers dismissed it as a conspiracy theory. ” label. This month, those premature “fact-checks” were withdrawn.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump and some Republicans had been blamed for suspecting the pandemic originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research lab, but now some members of the media are beginning to admit that the theory was buried for political purposes.

Now, in a reversal of previous claims, these fact-checkers have declared the laboratory leak hypothesis “suddenly plausible,” even though reports of a potential laboratory leak surfaced almost immediately after the outbreak.

Richard Ebright, a professor of chemical biology at Rutgers University, said in an interview with the Daily Wire, “All the evidence available today was available 12 months ago, and Most of the evidence that’s available today was available 15 months ago,” except that the situation has changed, and the small group that took control of the narrative and deceived the public and policymakers last February has now lost control of the narrative.

“The Daily Wire notes that these narrative controllers have used the tech giants’ censorship to put their own set of alleged facts into the public record. Facebook, in particular, has been particularly selective, adding posts suggesting the virus was contrived to its list of banned misinformation until this week.

The report criticized the fact-checkers for playing a key role in this. In determining what to review, Facebook used them as an authority. And for many bystanders, the most frustrating aspect was the failure of mainstream media journalists to do their jobs.

Matt Taibbi notes that from the beginning, the media coverage of the CCP virus was largely mishandled, “in part because almost all of the key issues – the use of masks, the blockade, the viability of the vaccine program, etc. –have been propagated by news companies as culture war narratives.”

But now, the paper concluded, some media outlets are finally coming around, although it may be too late to overcome the 15-month lead given to the Communist authorities. According to the report, the Communist authorities covered up the whereabouts of the Communist virus and concealed the evidence.