Shanghai residents afraid of vaccine side effects? Rumor has it that vaccination sends 600 yuan gift

Currently, Shanghai residents not only do not have to wait in line for the new crown vaccine, but some vaccination sites are giving away 600 yuan gifts. This is in sharp contrast to the mad rush to get vaccinated that has occurred in many parts of mainland China. Netizens analyze that Shanghai residents may have more comprehensive and closer information about the vaccine than the actual situation.

According to local media reports in Shanghai on May 31, there are signs at the exit of Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station to guide vaccination, and vaccinations are available “on arrival”. The vaccination site has four vaccination units and a separate observation area, equipped with doctors and necessary first aid equipment, as well as volunteers to register and explain to willing passengers. Excluding the observation time, it takes only 15 minutes for a passenger to complete a single dose of vaccination from registration.

The video posted by netizens shows that at the vaccination site in front of Shanghai Elite Education Technology Group Co., Ltd. at 2161 North Zhongshan Road in Shanghai’s Putuo District, the staff kept broadcasting on the loudspeaker to passers-by: Get a 600 yuan gift with your shot now! However, it seemed that there were not many people at the site to get the shot, and no one was lined up. There were many different kinds of gifts on the table placed at the vaccination site.

Zhang Wenhong, director of the Infection Department at Shanghai Huashan Hospital, had suggested that leading cadres be given the vaccine first. Netizens said that perhaps Shanghai residents are observing when the leading cadres have played, and everyone will have to play.

Netizens analyzed that the people also have questions about the protective effect of the vaccine, and they are all waiting and watching. Zhang Wenhong has also explained the method of observing the role of the vaccine.

Shanghai netizens posted to express their concerns: “The unit has asked us before if we want to take the vaccine and sign up voluntarily, and the result is that no one wants to. It is true that there are various doubts about the vaccine. Is it really manufactured in such a short time? Does it really work? It’s okay if it doesn’t work, what if there are side effects? In short, there are various concerns.”