Beijing Nightmare? Hebei Huayin City is rotting, involving collusion between government and business

The owners of Hebei Huayin City have lost all their money because of the frequent occurrence of rotten buildings in the mainland. After experiencing fruitless petitions and no way to appeal, they were overwhelmed and even had no choice but to commit suicide.

In 2012, Hebei Huayin Group planned a huge project of “Lotus New City” in Lai Shui County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. The external publicity advertisement stood by the government of Laishui County attracted many foreigners working in Beijing. After the developer was notified by the local public security department as a criminal group for crimes related to triad and illegal fund raising, the attractive package of the project revealed the true face of the rotten one.

The victim owners protested with a banner saying “Huayin Real Estate return my hard-earned money”. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

On June 26, 2019, Gaobeidian City Public Security Bureau issued a “notice”, saying that it “successfully knocked down the criminal group based on Huayin Group in Laishui County”. The legal person of Huayin Group was also investigated. A lotus victim of five years of rights owners Mr. Chen told the Epoch Times, “I now think they were arrested, bankruptcy are acting! A Huayincheng let how many people’s families broken and wives separated? Countless Beijing nightmares! I don’t know who is behind the umbrella! This is terrible!”

Public security announcement that Huayin Group is a criminal group. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

A former owner who worked in Beijing, Mr. Wang, told the Epoch Times, “Because of the pressure of drifting north to buy a house in Beijing, I bought a house in Baoding Laishui at the end of 2018 after seeing an advertisement for a house in Beijing Lotus New Town, spending all my savings of four years in Beijing and borrowing a lot of money to make the down payment.”

Some of the victimized owners jointly defend their rights (provided by the interviewee)

Mr. Wang revealed, “However, this project of government-enterprise cooperation, collusion between business and government, the chairman of the developer and a hand of the local government were arrested, and now the government leadership team that took over does not act, with the developer continues to drag, more than 5,000 owners are experiencing hardship, the foundation has not been built, has been repaying loans for more than two years, the bank lending in violation of the first, but rude and unreasonable, threatening me that the loan will be stopped There are various punitive measures.”

“I have been forced to return home from Beijing, but in the face of this ‘air room’, but also to pay the mortgage, all kinds of pressure after another, life is disrupted, my girlfriend also broke up, I feel that there is nothing to live, I want to expose the Lotus government and the local developers of inaction and fraud of the people, to seek justice. I want to expose the inaction and fraud of Lotus government and local developers to get justice.”

According to the land media, Lotus County, Hebei Province, acquired more than two thousand mu of land in the name of Lotus New Town; in 2014, Lotus New Town was listed by the former Ministry of Land and Resources for illegal land occupation; in 2016, the land involved in the case was exposed without any change after rectification; from the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017, Huayin Group rapidly laid out Zhangbei, Chengde, Shijiazhuang, Xiongan New Area and Dongfang City in Hainan Province around Beijing.

Under the umbrella of local officials, Huayin Group has been engaging in false propaganda and fraudulent concealment in its sales. According to two other victimized owners who told the Epoch Times, “The ‘drawing houses’ with five certificates not in order were deliberately sold together with normal listings. Only later did they learn that the house they purchased had incomplete formalities.”

According to the Hebei Province Baoding Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, in August 2020, Lotus County Mayor Zhu Mingxin took the initiative to surrender. in January 2020, Lotus County Party Committee’s former Standing Committee, the former deputy county governor Han Yanqing serious disciplinary violations fell. on October 18, 2019, Han Yanqing’s top boss, Lotus County Party Secretary Wang Yimin fell. According to interviewees, these Communist Party officials have interests with the Huayin Group.

It is reported that during his tenure as Party Secretary of Lai Shui County, Wang Yimin was punished twice for land issues, which involved another project of Huayin Group, “Huayin Swan Lake”, illegal land occupation, over-planning construction, illegal approval and other issues. When the “Huayin Swan Lake” project was launched, the then Standing Committee of the county party committee, the county party committee office director Han Yanqing delivered a speech on the spot, saying that “will create a unique, very charming tourism real estate pearl”.

The rights of the petition was intercepted and detained victim owners slit their wrists and jumped from the building

Mr. Wang revealed, “Because I heard that the number of petitions more than 200 people will attract attention. So at the end of November 2019, more than 200 of us went to Beijing to petition, when someone lied to us and said that there would be the Hebei Provincial Bureau of Letters and Visits to solve our problems, we were lured collectively to Jiujingzhuang, who knew that this Jiujingzhuang is a trap, we were placed under house arrest there, they seized all our ID cards and gave our ID cards to the local government to collect people, those who do not come to collect have been staying there. There, we were given a cold bun and squash a day. After this experience, many owners became afraid. Public security organs also cooperate with them, knocking on the door of the owner’s house in the middle of the night, under the name of ‘investigation’.”

“Lotus County Housing and Urban Development Bureau’s director surnamed Yang, the director of the Bureau of Letters and Visits will go to intercept the petition, and even intimidate us, we are not allowed to petition.”

According to Mr. Wang, until now there is no one on the project site construction. “Every time we said we were going to petition, the local government would fool us and say ‘work will resume soon’, but it was delayed again and again.”

Mr. Chen revealed that he was detained for petitioning for his rights, “I was detained for 26 days for defending my rights, the day I was detained happened to be my birthday, and one of the owners slit his wrists that day and was rescued and did not die. There was also one who jumped off a building, but I persuaded her to come down. There is also a Shanxi owner who has terminal liver cancer, we are helping him raise money for treatment.”

The resumption of the project is still far away, and many of the victimized owners are still insisting on paying the housing loan, but have to rent a house to live. Mr. Wang revealed, “There are also many people who can’t hold on and are forced into reputable bankruptcy because they can’t repay their loans. We are helpless and hope that we can expose their wrongdoings through the media to get justice.”