Medical care collapses as epidemic hits India, families “dump bodies by the river”

India’s Communist virus epidemic, medical collapse, previously rumored a large number of remains floating in the river, recently there were people witnessed on the spot family members threw the body into the river, later confirmed that the deceased for the Communist virus disease patients, discarded the picture on the network triggered a lively discussion among netizens. The local government will file a lawsuit against the family of the deceased, and strengthen the river patrol.

The incident occurred in Balrampur district of Uttar Pradesh (Balrampur), according to foreign media reports. As seen in the footage, a driver driving over a bridge saw a man wearing a protective jacket and a black top, preparing to throw a body into the Rapti River (Rapti River), and in the process tried to pull the body out of the bag. (Click to watch related video)

The report pointed out that the deceased was infected with the Chinese Communist virus, and was admitted to the hospital for treatment on the 5th, but unfortunately died 3 days later, and the hospital body was handed over to relatives for disposal.

Balrampur district chief medical officer said the family threw the body into the river, the authorities will file a lawsuit against the relatives.

India’s recent epidemic peak had more than 400,000 new cases every day, 29 according to the Indian Ministry of Health and Welfare statistics show that the past 24 hours of new cases of 173,790 cases, is the lowest number since 45 days; but because of the lack of medical supplies around the situation, the number of deaths did not decline, 3617 new people died of disease.

The wave of infections has not only overcrowded Indian hospitals and overwhelmed them, but also caused a severe shortage of oxygen and critical drugs. Crematoriums and cemeteries are also seeing long lines of funerals and makeshift piles of human remains. At the same time, the remains of people suspected of having died of the disease were found floating in the holy Ganges or buried in poorly dug graves.