Praise for the kindness of the Taiwanese! Du Wenze parking see touching picture

Hong Kong actor DMZ came to Taiwan at the end of 2020 and is quite concerned about current events in Taiwan, often sharing what he saw and heard in Taiwan. He revealed on the 30th he drove out, because the car is larger, in the parking needs a little more space, otherwise it is not easy to get in and out of the car, I did not expect him to come back after the thing, see the parking grid scene, so he praised the kindness of the Taiwanese.

DMZ came to live in Taiwan late last year because of his work.

Du Wenze revealed that he went to the supermarket on the morning of the 30th to pick up food, because when he went out to drive a huge and bulky car, a parking compartment just filled up the entire space, if there is parking next to the two cars a careless may be close together, of course, can not get in and out of the car. But the good thing is that he went to the time quite early, there is no car in the parking lot, he thought he would be back soon, so he was relieved to go into the supermarket to buy.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. (Photo / photo taken from Facebook)

I didn’t expect, when Du Wenze came back, a black car had been parked next door, but there was no picture of the two cars he expected, the car next to me reserved a space for me to get in, he himself did not consider coming back to his own car, this kind of thing in Hong Kong is absolutely impossible to happen, the other car owner’s thoughtfulness so Du Wenze was very touched, specially took a photo, lamented: “The kindness of Taiwanese people is evident. “The kindness of Taiwanese people is evident!”

Du Wenze saw the thoughtfulness of the owner of the car next door, moved PO article.