Prominent dissident Lü Geng Song’s life in prison is in danger

According to the 30th news of the Rights Defense Network, the health of Lv Geng Song, a famous Zhejiang democracy activist who was sentenced to 11 years in prison, has deteriorated and his life is in danger.

Recently, Lv Geng Song’s wife, Wang Xue’e, visited her husband at Changhu Prison in Huzhou, northern Zhejiang Province. It was found that Lü Geng Song was extremely weak and in a very poor mental state. Wang was told that the prison system in Zhejiang Province had recently imposed strict control on “criminals” who did not confess to the law. As Lv Geng Song is a political prisoner, he has been denying his guilt, so he is the focus of the strict control.

Lv Geng Song is currently in extremely poor health in prison and his life is in danger. On April 10, 2021, when his friends and family visited him, they found that he was even weaker than before, and even though the local climate had already started in spring, he was still wearing a cotton jacket, three pieces of padded underwear, two pairs of warm pants, and a hat to protect his head from the cold. He said he had been afraid of the wind and cold for a long time and was afraid he would not survive the remaining four years of his sentence; he had applied for medical parole several times but had been refused.

It is reported that Lv Geng Song, a prominent member of the Zhejiang Committee of the China Democratic Party and a human rights activist, was sentenced to 11 years in prison by the Hangzhou Intermediate Court in June 2016 for “subversion of state power. Lv Geng Song is currently serving his sentence in Changhu Prison in Zhejiang Province.