New age fishing, a little different

These two days see a lot of people interested in fishing content, you may also brush up to that morning subway down all rushed fishing video of the elderly. Many people may be curious, a fishing, is it so interesting?

In fact, around New Year’s I was paying attention to this piece, the current fishing market play, and everyone’s understanding has not been the same.

The new era of fishing, I feel a bit close to the open air mahjong hall.

The traditional public understanding of fishing is to sit at the riverside and slowly bait – wait for the fish – fishing up, requiring patience, full of leisurely slow-paced activities, how many fish can be caught is not important, the important thing is the process of recuperation.

But the new era of black pit play is different, he is close to the competition.

Here first to give you a term, black pit ~

The black pit is the mainstream of the current fishing industry, simply put, it is a paid fishing ground.

His mode of operation is like this, the black pit boss contracted a fish pond, renovation, the sunshade, fishing position after these hardware settings, put down 10,000 pounds of fish.

A fish pond with 100 fishing spaces, each fishing space to 300 yuan a day price for sale.

You may think, this price seems a little expensive, but here is a professional fish pond after all, there are fish and umbrellas and stools, I am comfortable fishing a day of fish, only spend 300, cheaper than KTV these much, cost-effective.

But if it is limited to this, black pit play can not be so popular.

The key to the black pit is the follow-up, the boss will be 3 yuan / pound price to recover the fish we caught.

Simply put, if you have good fishing skills, you can catch 100 pounds of fish a day (about 40), then you catch the fish, just to offset your admission fee. Commonly known as “landing”

Some people will certainly say, impossible, how can anyone catch 100 pounds of fish a day?

Then you are wrong, I have watched a lot of fishing bloggers, they can basically do it easily (specific see the video below)

They fishing speed is very scary, equipment is also very professional, there are a variety of bait, professional fish collection net, catch the peak of the fish hooked continuously, basically hand and foot ~ even many people a fishing to 150,180 pounds ~

More of these, it’s all earned.

So, many people are curious, professional fishing athletes how to profit, beyond the ticket this part, it is all earned money.

Suppose you catch 180 pounds, deducting the ticket money, then you have a profit of 240 ~

Of course, here is to facilitate the understanding of the example, the reality of the black pit also has a difference, for the masses of the civilian black pit, the price of tickets and recovery of fish will be a little lower, professional field tickets and recovery of fish prices will be higher. Some of the recovery prices will be as high as 30 a piece ~ the specific situation varies.

A few more runs a month, and then there are various professional fishing tournaments ~ income is very substantial.

There are many benefits to playing this way.

Highly skilled can earn money, so fishing experts will be willing to come.

Newcomers can not earn money, but occasionally catch a few, turn around and sell to the boss rebate, will also feel the harvest.

Even if a rookie did not catch, participate in the black pit can be serious fishing with everyone bragging, to meet some friends, but also feel that it is not a trip in vain, more interesting than their own wild fishing.

The good fishing, there is money to earn, fishing is not good, there are also gains, even if a did not catch, also know a group of fishing friends, this play takes into account the king gold bronze all segments of the player ~

And, this play, do not have to consider fishing on a bunch of fish to do, take home to eat the problem, the scene directly back to the boss.

The owner’s profit is also relatively simple, the cost of 10,000 pounds of fish, everyone fishing up fish recovery fee, the site of the contract fee, these are the costs. One hundred pits of admission money is the revenue. Although the boss met the master to subsidize the money, but not all people, like the fishing gods to catch a hundred or eighty pounds, the vast majority of people do not earn back the ticket money. So the boss as a whole is earned ~

And a hundred pits can be collected for many days, the latter days are basically pure profit.

Of course, the industry also has a subterfuge here, the first day ticket money will be a little more expensive, the basic are confident in their own masters to come, the second day after the third day of ticket money will be much cheaper.

So, you see those rushed to the subway in the early morning to go fishing senior group, basically the first day of the newly opened fish pond, the duel forbidden top to go ~

They have to get to the site early, rubbing bait to prepare ~

The joy of fishing you may also understand ~ you cafe five even sitting is very happy, people this group of fishing friends black pit fishing 10 even sitting, competing with each other who more who less, who less the evening treats, is not 20 times happier than you [laughs cry]

PS: The industry says that generally only 10% of people can earn back tickets ~ most people still figure a competition fishing atmosphere together.

In addition, in the long-term development, the industry has also emerged many specific rules.

For example, some bosses cheat, fish put less, the external said 10,000 pounds, the result is only 5,000 pounds, then sorry, fishing group of friends a total can feel out ~ we put the respective figures a total, feel wrong ~ that directly will find you refund.

If you come on two times in a row, then you the basic industry can not mix down. Because many enthusiasts are roaming around to participate in various fishing competitions, fishing friends around the news are more informed.

In addition, a large number of fishing enthusiasts also contributed to the overall ecological improvement, such as fish ponds 100 pits, right, they have a lottery applet to draw lots to determine the location ~ my first look are to kneel, too professional ~

There are also fish bait, they seem to be several, shrimp pumpkin crisp and other different kinds, respectively, are used in the early, medium and late sprint use. (Although I do not know what the difference between this pre-late ~)

Specific, you can watch Deng Gang, Zeng Hui and other fishing bloggers ~ the former is the chief coach of the Chinese Fishing Technology Association, the latter is also a professional fishing master, the focus is very young, the video shot particularly interesting