Hong Kong June 4 Memorial Hall reopens, HKASPDMC calls on public to mourn safely

For the second year in a row, the Hong Kong Police Force opposed the June Fourth Candlelight Vigil in Victoria Park on Friday (June 4) and the June Fourth march on Sunday (May 30), citing the new pneumonia epidemic and the gathering restriction as reasons. The Alliance appealed the police’s decision to the Appeal Board on Public Meetings and Processions, and after a hearing held on Saturday (May 29), the Board decided to reject the appeal and uphold the police’s decision.

The Alliance reopens the June 4 Memorial Hall with a new exhibition

The Alliance then announced that it would not be able to hold the June 4 march and candlelight rally under legal circumstances and immediately stop the related publicity, and that the Standing Committee and volunteers of the Alliance would not enter the Victoria Park on the night of June 4 in the name of the organization. This year may be the first time in the 32 years of the Victoria Park without the June 4 candlelight like a sea of images.

In response to the ban on candlelight rallies in the Victoria Park this year, the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China reopened the June 4 Memorial Hall on Sunday (May 30) to hold a photo exhibition on the theme of the new year, “The 1989 pro-democracy movement and Hong Kong.

The memorial hall set up the first area for the public to lay flowers to mourn the June 4

The theme of the exhibition leader Lo Wai-ming said that the exhibition through the panels, a brief description of the history of the 1989 pro-democracy movement and the role of Hong Kong people’s support, hoping to review this period of history from different perspectives, and reflect on the Hong Kong of today.

The police have again banned the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China from organizing the June 4 march and candlelight memorial rally on the grounds of the epidemic this year. Therefore, the June 4 Memorial Hall unprecedentedly set up a small field, the 1989 pro-democracy movement in Beijing scenes, and the past years of the Victoria Park June 4 candlelight like a sea of images, so that the public to lay flowers to mourn the dead in June 4, 1989, refused to forget.

Lu Weiming says: Milan Kundera once said, “The struggle between man and the regime is the struggle between memory and forgetting.” In today’s Hong Kong, we feel a special pain in our skin, guarding the memory, each of us is responsible, Lu Xun once said, “A lie written in ink cannot cover up a fact written in blood.” As long as each of us takes one more step today, no amount of suppression will stop us from spreading the historical facts.

The curator said that all exhibits are historical facts without legal risk

A reporter asked whether the content of the exhibition would be worried about violating the national security law since this year is the first June 4 anniversary under the national security law, and whether the content of the exhibition would be cut because of the national security law.

He also called on the public to visit the June Fourth Memorial Hall to pass on the history of the 1989 pro-democracy movement.

Lu Weiming said: In fact, the main focus is 32 years ago, the 1989 pro-democracy movement, our content, our exhibits, our materials, all historical facts, and will not produce any legal risks, unless we say that today’s Hong Kong even tell the truth, even tell the history, even tell the facts are against the law, otherwise our exhibition, as in the past 32 years, will be 89 years of historical facts in Beijing, as well as the 32 years of Hong Kong people We hope that through this exhibition, we can pass on this historical fact to our next generation and pass it on from generation to generation.

The Secretary of the Alliance said that the June 4 Memorial Hall is a private place, the epidemic “gathering restriction” does not apply, in order to avoid the risk of infection, the Memorial Hall to use the online booking form to open the visit, when the situation of a large number of visitors can be “tidal wave” processing, to avoid He also believes that the exhibition is legal and reasonable, and there is no legal risk.

Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (HKASPDMC), Mr. Zou Xingtong, lit the June 4 candlelight in his personal name.

After the rejection of the appeal for the June 4 march and candlelight rally, Vice President Zou Xingtong said in a post on a social networking site on Saturday afternoon (May 29) that under the current legal environment, he felt “guilty for not being able to host the candlelight memorial at the Victoria Park in the name of the organization.

The company’s main goal is to provide a platform for the public to learn more about the company’s business. The company’s main business is to promote the development of the company’s products and services. Zou Xingtong also said that the people of Hong Kong, who have experienced the baptism of 2019 and 31 years of candlelight rallies, have long known what to do on June 4.

Zou Xingtong said, she said in her personal name, June 4 at 8 o’clock in the evening, she will still go to keep this has 32 years of engagement, “in a place where everyone can see, light up the candles.”

CaiYaoChang refers to the June 4 night in the memorial hall mourning not into the Victoria Park

A reporter asked, Zou Xingtong hinted at the possibility of personal identity June 4 night to the Victoria Park to light up the candlelight, other members of the Alliance will be June 4 night in their personal capacity to the Victoria Park?

Tsoi Yiu-cheong reiterated that the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (HKASPDMC) has assessed the current situation in Hong Kong, and under the severe political and legal risks, we must be more careful in handling the activities to commemorate the June 4 Incident this year, he personally will not go to the Victoria Park on the night of June 4, and the Standing Committee and members of the HKASPDMC will not go to the Victoria Park as an organization.

The 32nd anniversary of June 4 or for the first time, there is no image of candlelight in the Victoria Park like the sea

For this year may be the first time in 32 years, there is no June 4 candlelight like a sea of images in Victoria Park, Tsai Yaochang interviewed by the Voice of America, said he felt very sad, but he stressed that the first thing to consider everyone’s safety, he called on the people of Hong Kong to seriously assess, consider the premise of the lawful, safe, continue to mourn the June 4 victims in a different way, and the Alliance in response to the current situation, the first time in the June 4 Memorial Museum to set up a mourning area The Association has set up a memorial area at the Memorial Hall for the first time in response to the current situation.

We hope that we can be more flexible at this critical time, we have not abandoned any of our principles, positions, I believe that the movement should go on, we should be more calm to respond, not to show off the courage of the moment.

People visit June 4 Memorial Hall to access unscreened materials

Mr. Fang, a Hong Kong citizen in his 50s, took his 10-year-old children to the June Fourth Memorial Hall on Sunday, hoping to expose them to as much information about the June Fourth Movement as possible without being subjectively screened, and to share with them his experience of how Hong Kong people supported the 1989 pro-democracy movement.

Mr. Fang said: “This year, I came with my family because while this memorial is still in existence, we try to get the next generation to know, I saw with my own eyes, contact, is the situation seen in Hong Kong at that time, I do not want to be annihilated in history.

Criticizes Beijing authorities for not coming clean and facing up to what was done

In response to a question from the Voice of America, Mr. Fang said he was worried that his children and the next generation of Hong Kong people would have to receive national security education and only be exposed to some screened history, which he thought was not a good thing, and criticized the Beijing authorities for not being able to face up to what they have done, which is a disgrace to the Chinese people.

Mr. Fang said, “It is not good for Hong Kong and it is not good for China, that is, our country, the regime of this country is not able to face up to what it has done, which is a disgrace to the Chinese people. You can see that foreigners can face their own mistakes, but the Chinese regime cannot do so.

Even if the Alliance is banned, the hearts of the people cannot be banned.

Mr. Fang said that he had brought his children to the June 4 candlelight rally in the past, but could not participate last year and this year because of the epidemic. He believed that the epidemic was only an excuse for the government to ban the candlelight rally, and that Hong Kong people would still come out to mourn the June 4 victims as long as they had the chance in the future.

Mr. Fang said: “Especially when we had come out to support the people of Beijing in the midst of the storm, you stop our candlelight vigil for one year, two years is not able to block anything, a chance we will always come out to mourn, because the class is suffering Tiananmen mothers, or no way to freely express their feelings of the Chinese people, we are to remember them.

Some people from the pro-establishment camp believe that the Alliance should be banned after the implementation of the National Security Law. Mr. Fang believes that the Alliance has already taken up a great responsibility in the past, holding activities such as the June 4 candlelight memorial rally to pass on the history of June 4, and he believes that even if the authorities ban the Alliance, it will not be able to ban the hearts of Hong Kong people.

Mr. Fang said: we are under this regime, it wants to ban an organization, it can do, but it must not be banned to the hearts of people inside to do things, that is, you can ban an organization, but everyone will mourn, will remember, we will try to teach our next generation, what happened back then, as if today with them (children) up, look at these photos, look at some items, I am I hope they will remember the June 4 incident and not act as if the whole thing never happened just because no one in society mentions it anymore.

Huang Zhifeng and other social activists were sentenced to prison for their first June 4 rally last year

Last year, the Standing Committee of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (HKASPDMC), including its Chairman and Vice-Chairman Lee Cheuk-yan and Albert Ho, as well as a number of pro-democracy activists, including the founder of Next Media, Lai Chi-ying, and the convener of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong (DAB), Chan Ho-hwan, still adhered to the tradition of the past 30 years and entered the Victoria Park on the night of June 4 with candles in their hands to mourn the victims of the June 4 massacre, according to police estimates, about 20,000 people participated that night.

After the incident, the police arrested more than 20 people who participated in last year’s June 4 candlelight rally, including the former secretary-general of the Hong Kong House of Representatives, Wong Chi-fung, and three former district councillors Shum Ao-fai, Yuen Ka-wai and Leung Kai-ching, pleaded guilty in the District Court at the end of April this year to participating in unauthorized assembly, and was sentenced to 4 to 10 months in prison, is the first time someone in Hong Kong because of participation in the June 4 candlelight rally was sentenced to imprisonment.