No bad words from relatives

Recently I’ve been worriedly telling my girlfriend that I’m going to become a segmenter soon if I continue to be so broad-minded. But life is really easy now, except for the poor.

Back to the topic. In fact, sweet mouth this thing, we have been taught since childhood. Not to see the mouth, but also can not speak to attract people suspicious. But I don’t know how, there will be a strange concept, the closer you are to people, the more you can speak hard. This is common in parent-child and lover relationships.

My boyfriend and I have a pattern of me being sweet and him being arrogant and disgusting every day. I praise him every day from the bottom of my heart “you are the best, you are the most handsome, you are fat are fat so handsome” and so on and so forth, he to me is “you stink, you are going to explode, you look too ugly, you are dark” and so on and so forth. Of course, we are aware of each other, each other said both true and not true.

But even if you know, it does not mean that I love to hear. Sometimes I’m anxious, but here I can’t give any specific examples, my heart is too big …… but there really is this time, is the kind, a breath of bad gas to the chest feeling. I used to encounter this kind of time I launched a verbal attack, he also said anxious. Now is to say to him, you can not say so I, you say so I, I am not happy, very unhappy. He will also explain to me, just casually. I don’t think lovers can’t spit between themselves, I think it has to be in moderation.

I have a friend (friends are for betrayal) who has a completely different approach than I do. I heard her say “fuck you” for the first time when she was talking about her husband. I’ve talked to her about this many times. I said, you can’t always say bad things to your husband, you don’t think we all know each other’s temperament he does not take seriously. The day after day, how good you are to him, he will feel that you think he is not good in your heart. Her logic seemed a bit strange to me, she said, but I only say hard things to him, I am very good to others ah. I said, you can say bad things to us, we are your friends, we do not matter if we are not friends anymore. He is your husband, is your day and night relative people, do not work all dry, because a broken mouth on everything is written off. We are not with you for life, he is.

What do you mean by feelings? Is not that you like me, I like you, we all rejoice. We are not in the second, I like you have to say that I hate you, like a girl have to go to pull people’s hair. The hair can still be pulled, but the premise is that you say I like you. You say, there is a person, every day with you, you are not good, you are not good here and there and everything is not good, you can believe that you are very important in his heart? This has to be more self-abuse ah?

I have a colleague, talking to others about their children, others are always praising their children, while she is always talking about how her children are not good. I believe she said the same thing at home and in front of her own children. Are you saying she doesn’t love her child? Definitely not. But do you think her children will always love her without a doubt?

I have always believed that family, friends, and partners are the most intimate relationships a person can have. Unless there is something really wrong with the other person, generally I will rarely say anything hard or critical to these people around me. Family members are fine, but friends and partners are your own choice, if you think they are not good, why are you still with them? It’s not like it’s a meritocracy. If you think they are good, why do you want to hurt them with your words?

How many children have said to their parents, “You never liked me”? How many partners have said, “You never felt good about me” when they turned against each other? There are many such examples, so if we don’t learn from them, wouldn’t we be foolish?

Every slightly pompous compliment I give to my family, friends, and partner is from my heart, and I feel from my heart that they are really “the best, the best, the most reliable, the most handsome/beautiful/good-looking”. I do not feel this false at all, I do feel this from the heart, I not only feel this, I have to tell them, I do not tell them, how do they know it? They are not the roundworm in my belly.

I’m also very good at praising myself, except for periods of introspection and emotional lows, I always think I’m “the best, the best, the smartest”. So what, it doesn’t cost anything to brag about yourself.

There are places to say mean things, so why do you have to show off how good your mouth is on your close ones?