Who are you fooling again? Zhong Nanshan said “I never count on foreign countries” netizens mocked

Zhong Nanshan, who was awarded the “Order of the Republic” for helping the Chinese Communist Party maintain stability during the Communist virus (New Coronavirus) epidemic, said publicly on May 28 that “I never count on foreign countries, I have to rely on myself” for scientific and technological innovation, and was angrily criticized by netizens.

The Chinese Communist Party held the 10th National Congress of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the Congress of Academicians of the two academies in Beijing on May 28. Zhong Nanshan told the media at the meeting, “the bottleneck in scientific and technological innovation, I never count on foreign countries, to rely on themselves. For example, vaccines, rely on others to come too late, the core of things or rely on our own team to create. And their own team, the key to rely on the national system, we engage in the national laboratory is also the case, united to solve a problem.”

Netizens believe that the U.S., Britain and other countries have recently proposed to trace the origins of the CCP virus, coupled with the CCP’s cold reception in Europe and the siege by many Western countries in the South China Sea, East China Sea and other regions, Beijing is becoming increasingly isolated in the diplomatic, economic and military fields, and it is against this background that Zhong Nanshan has made a high-profile statement in an attempt to once again divert the domestic public’s attention from the international situation, to arouse the nationalist sentiment of the Chinese people, and to help the CCP survive the current difficulties.

On overseas social media platforms, some netizens mocked Zhong Nanshan’s claim that he does not expect to go abroad without mentioning that his daughter studied and settled in the United States: “Zhong Nanshan’s daughter, Zhong Weiyue, was the first Chinese swimmer to be found guilty of doping and was banned from competition. Currently Zhong Wei Yue lives in the United States, married to a white American and has three children.”

However, a search of the Internet revealed that a mainland media outlet reported that Zhong Weiyue went to study in the United States after retiring, where she met her husband, an American who is a university teacher of international tax law, and the couple now live in Guangzhou. The revelation also attached a photo of the couple together and a family photo of Zhong Nanshan wrapping his mixed-race grandson.

There is no more circumstantial evidence whether Zhong Nanshan’s daughter is in the United States, but it is basically true that he has a foreign son-in-law.

Some netizens say that Zhong Nanshan’s mother, Liao Yueqin, was forced to commit suicide during the Cultural Revolution initiated by the Chinese Communist Party, and that Zhong Nanshan “has a grudge against his mother,” but now he continues to support and stand up for the Chinese Communist Party.

Other messages mocking and criticizing Zhong Nanshan include: “As shameless as you are, you are as rogue as you can be”, “Those who fool the leeks are there to support their families abroad”, “Zhong Nanshan has no way to influence the fate of his own daughter, but he relies on Words and deeds of false propaganda, can affect a lot of other people’s sons and daughters.”

CCTV and other official media launched Zhong Nanshan’s above statement on the official microblog. Strangely enough, most of the reports had zero comments.

Observers say that since the outbreak of the CCP virus, Zhong’s public statements have been almost entirely devoted to creating academic justifications for the origin of the virus, advocating for the CCP’s epidemic prevention measures, serving the CCP’s efforts to maintain stability, and, incidentally, “carrying the goods” for himself, such as his statement in For example, in February 2020, he claimed that “the epidemic first appeared in China, not necessarily originated in China”, which kicked off the “blame dumping” by the CCP’s official media, and in late February 2020, he and his colleagues published an article in an overseas journal, saying that “the modeling shows that if Wuhan were to be blockaded, the epidemic would not be isolated. Modeling shows that if the Wuhan blockade were delayed by five days, the outbreak in China would be three times greater than it actually is,” apparently washing the hands of Xi Jinping and others, etc.

Discussions on the Internet questioning Zhong Nanshan’s character were once prevalent. Some netizens brought up the dark history of his daughter, Zhong Weiyue, who was the first Chinese swimmer to be banned for suspected doping, asking whether, as a doctor, Zhong Nanshan did not notice his daughter’s abnormalities, or just sat back and watched.