Tesla dangerous driving film has gone viral: I don’t need to drive to simply drive a party

This short video shows three young men dancing in their seats, surrounded by beer cans, and a dashboard showing the vehicle racing down the highway at 105 mph.

The driver’s seat is empty.

The video has been liked by nearly 2 million people and shared 105,000 times, and it is just one of many similar videos on social media.

This behavior is completely illegal and ignores Tesla’s instructions. The official website states that Tesla’s Assisted Driving System “is provided to the attentive driver with both hands on the wheel and ready to take over”.

Tesla’s “Automatic Assisted Driving” system allows the vehicle to comply with the surrounding speed limit and assists in driving in clearly marked lanes, Tesla also offers what it calls “Fully Automated Assisted Driving” (FSD).

This system assists in parking, getting the vehicle out of tight spaces and guiding the vehicle in and out of the interchange.

If the driver’s seat belt is not fastened or the driver’s hands are not on the steering wheel, Tesla will warn the driver and cancel the autopilot system.

However, these protections proved completely ineffective against drivers who intentionally misused the vehicle. “A video published by Consumer Reports magazine shows a skeptical tester easily letting the Tesla take over driving with no one behind the wheel.

The internet personality calling himself Dirty Tesla said on his YouTube channel, “Idiots will be idiots after all, they will find a way to fool the system, the fault is not with Tesla, they can add a whole bunch more mechanisms and it will still be broken.” His channel has 55,000 subscribers.