Iranian police investigating suspected Chinese tourists who bragged about buying sex at “affordable” prices

A man living in the Iranian mainland posted a large number of videos of his relationship with Iranian women on the Internet, and claimed that “you can do anything for $50”. The picture shows the list of videos posted by the man on the Internet. (Photo / Weibo)

Recently a mainland man living in Iran has been investigated by Iranian police after he made a lot of videos online showing off his low price for buying sex in Iran. The incident aroused heated discussions and criticism on the mainland internet, and related videos quickly circulated. China in Iran issued a warning to mainland citizens traveling abroad should respect local customs, religious beliefs and regulations, pay attention to personal behavior and speech.

Iranian media “Iran International” (Iran International) reported that a Chinese citizen living in Iran has published a large number of videos online, which have been widely circulated on social media. These videos show him dating many Iranian women and claiming that he can do anything for “just $50,” boasting that he can have sex with these women for a low price.

Ahmad Khosravi, head of the Iranian police press office, said law enforcement had launched a simultaneous investigation through two different special units, but he did not say where the Chinese man lived in Iran.

Iran is a country with a strong religious force, Islamic law and general social concepts are forbidden extramarital relations between men and women. The report said the video taken by the mainland man began circulating online after the Iranian police intervened to investigate, the mainland man took down the online video, while issuing an apology video.

The Chinese Embassy in Iran said in a 29th post that it has recently noticed that a Chinese citizen has acted against local public order and morals while traveling in Iran, and has flaunted it on social media, causing adverse effects. The embassy reminded that Chinese citizens must abide by local laws and regulations, customs and manners, respect different religious beliefs, and pay attention to their speech, behavior and personal cultivation when traveling abroad. Every tourist represents the image of Chinese citizens, respecting local public order and customs, paying attention to green environment, cherishing cultural relics and monuments, and stopping graffiti are all civilized qualities and cultivation that need attention.

The report said that since the Iranian political dispute with the United States, the United States launched sanctions in the United Nations, Iran turned to seek China’s support, closer relations between each other. But there is also a lot of controversy in Iran, critics believe that the rulers for the support of the Chinese Communist Party, sold out the economic interests of Iran.