A loud sound of a Chinese home in Southern Canada half of the glass window lost the culprit turned out to be…

There was a loud bang, the glass exploded, half the window was gone, and the table was full of snowy glass. Was it a cold shot? Or because of the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor? Or the glass is old? Mrs. Lee, a Chinese resident of Glendora, Los Angeles County, South Canada, had 10,000 thoughts flashing through her head in a second, very frightened, and then fixed her eyes on the glass with bird hair and blood, and felt even more fear; she felt herself, no blood, and nothing different on her body, but then looked down and there was a big bird with a bleeding head lying on the ground.

Mrs. Lee was eating breakfast at home a few days ago when she experienced the amazing scene of a wild bird suicide crashing into her glass window, the bird swooped from a distance and slammed into the glass window, shattering the large glass window of her house half a person high, the bird was killed on the spot through the glass. The incident was at breakfast time, but fortunately her family went out early that day, Mrs. Lee was sitting far from the window, and was not hit by the splattered house glass, otherwise the consequences were unthinkable.

Mrs. Lee put the frightening scene on the circle of friends, immediately attracted the attention of the crowd, we are not only happy that people were not injured, but also concerned about what attracts large birds hit the glass window, how to avoid, whether the insurance claims and so on.

Senior insurance broker David Lin said that animals caused property damage and injuries, belonging to the “God as” caused by the disaster, although the animal “debtor” can not be pursued, but as long as the homeowner purchased home insurance, insurance companies will usually compensate. For example, if an animal breaks a window, a wild animal crashes into a car, a mouse chews through a car wire, a tree falls and crushes a car, a neighbor’s tile is blown up and breaks my roof, etc., the insurance company will pay for it. However, such claims are usually subject to a deductible, which means that the insurance company will pay the difference after deducting the homeowner’s insurance deductible. The insurance company will pay a lump sum after deducting the deductible for glass damage caused by a large bird, as well as for nearby damaged furniture, cleanup costs, etc.

David Lam said that the deductible for ordinary homes usually ranges from $1,000 and $2,500, and is usually higher for luxury homes of 5,000 square feet or more. Some homeowners purchase Umbrella Insurance, but damage caused by animals cannot be compensated with Umbrella Insurance.

If a large bird breaks through the glass and causes injury to people inside the house, does the insurance pay out? David Lin said that it depends on who is injured, whether it is the homeowner or a guest, which is like damaging one’s car, auto insurance will not compensate, and if one falls at home, insurance will not compensate. However, if it happens to be a friend visiting the home, suffered an accidental bodily injury, including accidental injuries caused by animals, the owner’s home insurance in medical insurance can be enabled to give claims.

David Lin said that regional natural disasters such as fire, wind, insects, bird damage, etc. resulting in insurance claims, insurance companies generally do not raise policy premiums, the reason is not the loss caused by the inadvertent behavior of the person.

Many Chinese people in the San Gabriel Valley say that they often encounter birds crashing into glass in their homes, but they have hardly ever seen a large bird crash through the glass and kill itself at the same time. Many people believe that the tragedy was caused by the illusion of a large bird because the glass window was too clean.

A large bird crashed into a Chinese home in Glendula, smashing the large glass window of the restaurant and splashing glass all over the house. (Reporter Yang Qing / photo)

A large bird crashed into a Chinese home in Glendora, smashing the restaurant’s large glass window and splashing glass all over the house, but fortunately no one was injured. (Reporter Yang Qing / photo)

A large bird crashed into a Chinese home in Glendora, smashing the large glass window of the restaurant and splashing glass all over the house.