Hong Kong’s 4th wave of the epidemic is over, experts say the 5th wave is bound to come

The fourth wave of the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak, which has lasted for more than six months in Hong Kong, has come to an end. Professor Yuen Kwok-yung, Chair Professor of Microbiology at the University of Hong Kong, said after studying the seven confirmed or tentatively confirmed cases of unknown origin this month, none of them were recent or local infections, which means Hong Kong has been free of local infections for 28 consecutive days, reaching “zero”, indicating that the fourth wave of the epidemic is over. However, he pointed out that there is a rebound of the epidemic on both sides of the Taiwan Strait as an example, “the long guard will lose”, the fifth wave of the epidemic “will almost certainly come”, and called on the public to do a good job of prevention.

In Taiwan, which is adjacent to Hong Kong, the outbreak started in mid-May and yesterday there were 327 new confirmed cases, 320 of which were local cases, bringing the total number of confirmed patients to 6,025. Yesterday there were 21 more deaths, a single-day high, and a total of 99 people died.

On the contrary, the epidemic in Hong Kong has been under control recently, and today is the third day in four days “zero confirmed cases”. The day before yesterday (27) and the day before yesterday, Hong Kong for two days in a row no new cases of infection after again no one infected, is the first time in seven months to reappear “zero confirmed”, and in yesterday (29) days, only one new imported cases, so that the total number of confirmed 11,837 people, a total of 210 deaths.

Yuan Guoyong pointed out yesterday at a press conference, since this month, the authorities found that there are seven cases of confirmed or preliminary diagnosis of unknown origin, one by one analysis of the hair that all are infected earlier, or contaminated by inactivated virus in the Kexing vaccine, for example, five of the patients have records of outbound travel, the gammaglobulin test shows that patients should be at least two months before the infection, that is, before coming to Hong Kong has been infected with the disease. Excluding these seven cases, Hong Kong’s last case of unknown origin was confirmed on the 23rd of last month, that is, the local has more than a month no new infections of unknown origin, more than 28 consecutive days “clear”, I believe that the fourth wave of the epidemic caused by the dance group in November last year should have been completed.

But he also pointed out that the fifth wave will almost certainly come, just look at the Chinese mainland and Taiwan and other places, before also “guarded very well”, but also the recent outbreak of the epidemic, it can be predicted. He is not in favor of relaxing the epidemic prevention measures, so as to avoid the cycle of epidemic outbreak after relaxation, and better prevention, so that when the fifth wave comes, Hong Kong people can live a more normal life, for example, those who have been vaccinated can go to restaurants for unlimited hours or normal classes.