Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force repeatedly rehearsed with the U.S. military USS Legan to deal with the Chinese Communist maritime forces

The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force frigate Ise, last week a series of four days, and the U.S. aircraft carrier Reagan in the eastern waters of Okinawa, Japan, to practice the art. Japanese media reported that the Maritime Self-Defense Force and countries to implement joint training, aimed at containing the power of the Chinese Communist Party in the East China Sea, the South China Sea area.

Kyodo News reported that the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force announced on Sunday (30), the Hyuga-class helicopter frigate Ise last Wednesday to Saturday, and the U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Reagan (USS Ronald Reagan) tactical training. Ise also earlier this month with the United States, France, Australia (Australia) in the East China Sea held off-island defense training.

Kyodo News Agency said that the Maritime Self-Defense Force has repeatedly implemented joint training with foreign countries in the waters around Japan’s southwest islands, with the intention of holding back the development of maritime power of China.

The U.S. military and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force training, but also the cruiser Shiloh (USS Shiloh CG-67), and fuel supply ship Pecos (USNS Pecos).

The Reagan departed from her home base in Yokosuka, Japan, on May 19 to meet up with the JMSDF. The Reagan also trained jointly with the Maritime Self-Defense Force’s Moyo-class frigate Moyo from May 11 to 16 in the southeastern waters off the Kanto region of Japan.