This year’s largest A-share ban and release tide comes with a market value of more than 850 billion RMB

In May, the A-share market is facing a massive ban on the unbanning of shares, the June unbanning market value will go up a notch. According to Wind data, the number of restricted shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen in June totaled 24.992 billion shares, with a market value of about RMB 850.7 billion at the closing price on May 28, an increase of 24.7% and 82.3% respectively over May. And in the monthly unlocking stock market value for the whole year of 2021, June unlocking market value ranked first.

In June, the largest market value is the second week from June 7 to 11, with 5.96 billion shares of restricted shares listed and a market value of RMB 442.9 billion, accounting for more than half of June’s total. The next is the fourth week June 21 to 25, the number of restricted shares 7.04 billion shares, market value of about 212.8 billion yuan.

The reason for the highest market value of this year’s unbundling in June is that Ningde Times alone accounted for more than 40% of the volume in one file. Ningde Times in June 11, 2018 in the GEM IPO, three years of major shareholders ban period is about to expire, and Ningde Times restricted shares a total of 952 million shares, the outside world that there may be some part of the profit-taking selling pressure.

This week, China’s lithium battery concept stocks surged, with Ningde Times shares closing at RMB409.6 per share on Friday (28). At that price, the market value of Ningde Times’ June release is RMB 390.1 billion, accounting for 45.8 percent of the total market value of the month’s releases.

(Photo: AFP)

In addition to Ningde Times, there is a file of 100 billion yuan market value of stocks unbanned in June. CITIC Capital’s 5.07 billion shares of IPO former shareholders’ restricted shares will expire on June 21, with a market value of RMB 173.8 billion at a closing price of RMB 34.27 per share. As for CTS, Nanjing Securities, Xiangcai and other brokerages, all of them will have their restricted shares expire in June, with a market value of RMB 21.6 billion, RMB 11.8 billion and RMB 7 billion respectively.

It is worth noting that there was a “magic spell” of brokerage unbundling in May, and on May 6, 60,733,700 shares of CICC’s A-share IPO and 321,107,000 shares of Nanjing Securities were unbundled on the same day, not through the stock exchange trading system.

The share prices of these two classes were both affected by the unbundling and plunged. CICC suffered the first drop after the A-share listing, and continued to fall heavily by 5% on the second day, while Nanjing Securities collapsed by more than 14% in two trading days. As for whether the month of June will again appear brokerage stocks unblocked “spell”, investors should pay careful attention.