Hospital forces vaccination 117 employees to sue for forcing employees to participate in medical experiments as “white mice” in violation of the Nuremberg Code

In March, a Texas hospital required all employees to be vaccinated by a deadline or be fired. 117 employees who had not received the vaccine filed a lawsuit against the hospital on Friday (28), demanding an end to the mandatory measure, saying the vaccine was for emergency use only and that forced vaccination was tantamount to human experimentation.

U.S. media reported on Sunday (30) that Houston Methodist Hospital is forcing all employees to be vaccinated by the 7th of next month. A group of employees, represented by local conservative lawyer Jared Woodfill, sued the hospital in district court. The petition alleges that the measure violates the Nuremberg Code, a post-World War II guideline for human experimentation, and accuses the hospital of forcing employees to participate in medical experiments as “white mice,” demanding that the hospital rescind the dismissal of employees who refuse vaccinations.

Hospital CEO Marc Boom (Marc Boom) said that health care workers have a responsibility to protect patients, medical institutions require staff vaccination is legal. He also pointed out that 99% of the hospital’s 26,000 employees have been vaccinated, and regretted the choice of a few employees.