Nearly closed the city from tomorrow night to leave Guangzhou passengers must have a negative nucleic acid test certificate

To prevent the Indian variant of the virus, from May 31, passengers and drivers leaving Guangzhou must have a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 72 hours. The picture shows that Guangzhou has done universal screening in several administrative districts. (Sina Weibo photo)

As the source of the infection cannot be identified, and in order to prevent the highly infectious Indian variant of the virus, the Guangzhou New Coronavirus Pneumonia (CCPV) Epidemic Prevention and Control Command issued a notice on the evening of May 30, saying that a number of new measures to strengthen the management of vehicles and people leaving Guangzhou will be implemented from 10 pm tomorrow (31), including the requirement for travelers and drivers to have a negative nucleic acid test within 72 hours.

Guangdong new crown pneumonia epidemic heated up, yesterday (29) added 13 local asymptomatic infection, including 12 cases in Guangzhou, Foshan 1 case.

The notice said that in order to reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic due to the movement of people, decided to temporarily take the following management measures for vehicles and people leaving Guangzhou, including passengers leaving Guangzhou through the airport, railroad, highway passenger stations and other stations under the jurisdiction of Guangzhou (excluding foreign transit passengers), with a “health code” green code, and a 72-hour nucleic acid test Negative certificate. Passengers who are unable to depart on time due to a negative nucleic acid test can apply for a free refund or change of visa.

Secondly, the minibus driver and passenger leaving Guangzhou province must have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours for inspection.

In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of freight vehicles, Guangzhou will set up a number of trunk truck drivers nucleic acid testing points to provide free nucleic acid testing services for truck drivers, the specific time and location will be announced separately.

Guangzhou epidemic prevention and control press conference was held on the 30th. Chen Bin, deputy director of Guangzhou Health Care Commission, informed that from May 21 to May 30, Guangzhou has reported 5 confirmed cases and 21 asymptomatic infections. The genetic sequencing results of the infected people were found to be highly homologous, and all of them were the “Indian variant of the virus” which spreads very fast.