Former Defense Department aide: UFOs may have found us before we found them.

Natural News (Natural News) reported May 28 that the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence during the era of former Presidents Clinton and Bush Jr. Christopher Mellon said the UFOs spotted by the U.S. military in restricted U.S. airspace could be alien technology.

That’s the hypothesis that could explain the facts, and people need to be open to that,” Mellon said in a May 18 interview. We are spending billions of dollars looking for extraterrestrial civilizations, and we already have spacecraft that can leave our solar system. It’s very possible that UFOs found us before we found them.”

Mellon was joined by retired Navy Chief Master Chief Sean Cahil, who was on hand when Navy pilots witnessed the capsule-shaped UFO in 2004. The Department of Defense (DOD), in April of last year, released video of the UFO along with two other clips. Commenting on the footage, the former pilot said, “The technology we saw on the capsule-shaped UFO was more than we could have resisted at the time, and the particular feat of flight of the craft suggests technology that is at least 100 to 1,000 years beyond what we were equipped with.”

In November 2004, multiple pilots witnessed the mysterious object flying over the Pacific Ocean near Mexico. According to Cahill, the craft had no control surfaces and, despite flying at hypersonic speeds, had no visible means of propulsion.

When asked, to provide a possible explanation for the military’s UFO sightings, Cahill replied, “These objects could be all kinds, from enemy aircraft to non-terrestrial made technology.” He said he believes that UFOs are not man-made.

Mellon seemed to agree with Cahill, noting that there is no scientific basis to doubt the possibility of extraterrestrial technology.

The UFO report is expected to be presented to Congress next month, at the Pentagon and other intelligence agencies. Former Director of National Intelligence (Director of National Intelligence) John Ratcliffe (John Ratcliffe) flirted with the idea last March that the report would detail sightings that were “difficult to explain.