Japanese government negotiates with AZ to revise contract in hopes of allowing vaccines to be supplied to Taiwan

The Japanese government has begun negotiations with the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to amend the contract so that the AZ vaccine procured by Japan can be provided to Taiwan.

According to the Central News Agency, the Japanese Economic News reported that the Japanese government has been negotiating with AZ in order to make some of the procured AZ vaccine available to Taiwan, with the goal of urgently assisting Taiwan, which has made no progress in obtaining the vaccine.

The contract signed between the Japanese government and AZ is non-transferable to other countries, so if the vaccine is to be provided to Taiwan, the understanding of AZ must be obtained.

The Japanese government said that the contract with AZ explicitly states that the vaccine is not transferable to other countries, in order to prevent some countries from selling the vaccine to other countries privately.

The Japanese government has purchased Pfizer & BNT vaccine and Moderna vaccine from the United States for a total of about 240 million doses, which can be administered to about 120 million people in Japan. The Japanese government also signed a procurement contract with AZ for 120 million doses, and although the AZ vaccine was approved for administration in Japan on the 21st, it is not included in the list of publicly funded vaccines in Japan for the time being.

Japanese Foreign Minister Toshichika Mogi said on May 28 that the Japanese side will study the program to support Taiwan vaccine. In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China said that Japan has given full play to its precious friendship in times of trouble, and looks forward to strengthening cooperation with Japan in preventing the epidemic and stopping its spread.