A broken mouth is a big warning sign that self-destructive immune NG behavior may help the virus to become seriously ill

The mouth is broken is an important warning sign! These self-inflicted immune defeating NG behaviors may help the virus grow into a serious illness.

Currently, there are many asymptomatic patients with New Coronary Pneumonia (CCPV), and not every patient will show symptoms with fever. The symptoms that show up include diarrhea, abnormal taste, abnormal smell, and show that the virus is terribly invasive to the nervous system, and this is when patients with low immunity, the elderly, or those with chronic diseases are prone to severe illness.

The immune system clears pathogens New Crown Pneumonia is difficult to prevent

The immune system is like the body’s security system, the main role is to help the body identify the virus, and then by activating the immune organs to produce immune cells to remove pathogens, and the immune system in Chinese medicine is the body’s “righteousness”, once the righteousness is sufficient, external The immune system in Chinese medicine is the body’s “righteousness”, and once the righteousness is sufficient, external evils will not easily invade and interfere with the body, and the organs will be able to have normal physiological activities and have the ability to resist external evils and promote self-healing.

The fever is a result of the immune system detecting the virus and the competition between good and evil, which helps to strengthen the immune system to destroy the germs, but if the new pneumonia virus is hidden from the immune system, there will be no fever, which is also the reason why new pneumonia is difficult to prevent. This is the reason why NCCP is so difficult to prevent.

Keep away from the source of infection to regulate and balance your immune system

To prevent Neoplastic pneumonia, it is important to stay away from the source of infection, but we don’t know when the source of infection will appear around us, so it is important to regulate and balance our immune system to fight against the virus.

When the body is prone to mouth rupture, fatigue, poor sleep quality, poor digestion, and depression are all warning signs of declining immunity, and women are more likely to check whether their immunity is adequate.

NG behavior is prone to disease to comply with the “three to two away” principle

Modern people stay up late, do not get enough sleep, and do not eat well, which will cause the positive energy to decrease but not increase.

Zhou Zonghan suggested the following principles: “Three to be two away”.

  1. Get enough sleep: Research shows that the less sleep and the poorer the quality of sleep, the lower the immunity of those who get enough sleep.

2, to have the habit of regular exercise: exercise can help the secretion of immune-related cell hormones, so it is recommended that 2-3 times a week of medium-intensity exercise to enhance the function of immune cells.

3, to take a balanced intake of various nutrients: you can take more protein to help the production of white blood cells and antibodies. You can also add some garlic, onions and other spicy foods to your diet to strengthen the immune system.

4, away from stress sources: If you are under negative emotions and stress for a long time, it will make the number of immune cells decrease and disrupt the immune balance.

  1. Stay away from suspected sources of infection: avoid group gatherings and follow instructions to minimize going to crowded places.