Chinese moms and dads were exposed to the “human occupancy of parking spaces”: there is time to spend with you

Being in Australia, as Chinese

We are a part of the Chinese nation.

Our every word and action shows the quality of Chinese children.

However, recently, a Chinese netizen encountered such an incident that

Let everyone can’t help but sigh and sigh.

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Ms. Z, a Chinese in Sydney

Ms. Z, a Sydney Chinese, shared with the media an incident she encountered in Eastwood, a Chinese neighborhood in Sydney.

In the afternoon, Ms. Z and her husband drove to Eastwood to buy household goods.

She found a parking space in the Hillview Ln parking lot.

According to Ms. Z’s description, when she drove towards the parking space, she found an elderly Chinese woman with a child standing in the space.

Their bag of flour and a bag of household goods were left on the green belt next to them.

So, Ms. Z decided to get out of her car and ask them to give up their parking space.

But the old woman, who was probably about 70 years old, said, “We’re going to go drive, and we’re going to load a bag of flour into the car.”

And the old lady said that while

while walking from the end of the parking space to the middle.

Ms. Z was a little upset, but explained, “Auntie, this is not China, so you don’t just take a seat. We are all Chinese, and we all have to follow the rules when we come to Australia.”

The latter retorted in a loud voice: “I’ve been in Australia longer than you. Forget it, you get out of the way!”

At this point, as part of the car had already entered the parking space, coupled with the stalemate between the two sides.

The aisle was blocked for a while, and the cars waiting behind had started honking their horns.

After another five minutes, the old woman’s daughter finally drove over and parked the car to the side.

Only then did the old woman start loading things into the car.

However, when the old lady passed by Ms. Z’s car with a plastic bag

suddenly kicked the rear of Ms. Z’s car.

This kick caused damage to the car’s paint.

By the time Ms. Z found out, the grandchildren had already gotten into the car.

Ms. Z had to ask the old woman’s daughter to get out of the car and check it out, and said she would call the police.

Who knew that the other party said, “You report report report, hurry up and call the police!”

And then drove away.

On the occasion of the argument, she took a picture of the other party’s license plate number.

Ms. Z said she only felt “heartbeat accelerated, blood pressure rose, head followed by swelling”.

She said she didn’t expect the mother and daughter to be “unreasonable” people.

“I’ve been in Australia for 30 years, but I’ve only heard of this kind of news in China, but I never thought I would encounter it! I was really angry, I didn’t sleep well with chest congestion all night.”

In fact, this is not the first time such an incident has happened in the Chinese district.

Just over half a month ago, another netizen complained about his experience online.

He encountered the “occupancy incident”, but also happened in the Eastwood parking lot.

The user described: “The baby is 7 months old, I took her to the doctor alone.

On Saturday, Eastwood was overcrowded and everyone in the parking lot was looking/waiting for a space, and this old man in the picture was hogging the space.”

At the time, the user was very desperate to take his child to the doctor and needed to hope that the old man would give up his parking space.

When he accused the old man that he shouldn’t hog the parking space, the old man justified it by saying back.

“I don’t care, you go away!

I’m retired, I have time to spend with you!”

The netizen also wrote.

“The car fell backwards, the old man still dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water, the look of a scoundrel standing still.

I don’t want to soar expletives, but such no quality, shameless!”

The “human parking space” has been a controversial topic, but everything should follow the word “justice”, when things can not be unreasonable.

Have you encountered similar things?