Parents of “little landlords”: what kind of childhood and memories are these?

I heard that the red army uniforms are sold off the market, what miracle can happen, only can not think, no can not do.

Recently, the Internet hit the landlord to share the land seize landlord fighting landlord of the hot news, and more and more evil, there are actually seven or eight-year-old children of the small landlord small landlord, was tied to seize the fight hanging a sign wearing a high hat “down with the warlords, down with the landlord” very hilarious.

I can’t bear to bring harm to the young children, deliberately sent out the photos after processing. But Master Qin still has something to say: what kind of parents can turn a blind eye and let their children be abused in this way?

I remember the June 1 Children’s Day in 1965, the school held a performance in the National Club, there is a poetry recitation program needs a bad guy with only one sentence: Liu Hulan, are you afraid to die?

Since the executioner who killed Liu Hulan was a bearded man, we asked the teacher who would play the role of the “bearded man”. The class teacher, surnamed Ma, was a yellow-eyed Muslim aunt, and we called her “Cat’s Eye” in private.

In those days, no one wanted to play the bad guy, and finally had to choose a class with me surnamed Manchu Muslim students. We could understand that it was easy for the Muslim teacher to communicate with the Muslim parents by choosing a Muslim student, and that a phrase like “Saiyamu” might solve the problem.

I enrolled in the East Fourth Elementary School, where 70% to 80% of the teachers are Muslims, and the East Fourth Mosque and the Ethnic Club share a compound, to the east of the mosque, to the west of the small school, and the Ethnic Club is at the northwest end.

The club was originally called the Deaf and Dumb Club, but later changed to the auditorium of the Civil Affairs Bureau, where we witnessed the fight against Zhang Naiqi during the Cultural Revolution in 1966, and where we watched the movies “The Secret History of the Qing Palace” and “The Legend of Wu Xun” in 1967.

By the way, the National Club was also the home of Beijing opera ticket holders, who performed two traditional Beijing operas every week before the Cultural Revolution. At that time, the most performed plays were “Fight the Dragon Robe”, “Iron Bow Edge” and “Phoenix Returning to the Nest”, and I watched each of them no less than five or six times.

Why did you choose Manchu to play the bad guy? I’m afraid there are other factors, he looks like the Northern Film actor Feng Shun, bad guys like playing bad guys. Although there is only one line, but still be crossed nose and eyes, what is missing treacherous, less hideous, did not bring out the sneer …… but the impression to people most remembered is “bandit beard” three words into his memory of this life.

After the suspension of the Cultural Revolution, students often go to school to get together, from time to time, a “look at the melon” prank, his turn, no one called him full of students Xiaoman, are a sentence: the Ya “bandit beard” this melon look… …

“Look at the melon” is a childhood summer children’s game, the “hairy” or “classmates” pants off “called The “look at the melon”.

In the early nineties, this full of students at home opposite the Ministry of Culture family courtyard hutong mouth opened a Hui Min restaurant, friends passed on the information, is still the “bandit beard” their family opened.

January 29, 1979, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China made a “decision on the issue of landlords, rich peasants to remove their hats and the composition of the children of the land, rich. The decision pointed out that they were treated the same as others in terms of schooling, job recruitment, joining the army, joining the regiment, joining the party and being assigned jobs.

After watching these scenes of landlord and landlord fighting landlord to divide the fields, Master Qin from time to time cold war, is the policy to change again? And to re-define the composition of the origin?

I really do not want to say more, afraid that someone on the line. I just can’t help prompting the parents of those seven or eight-year-old “little landowners” and “little tycoons”: that’s your own child, what kind of childhood do you want to give him? What kind of memories do you want him to leave ……