Bomb attack in Afghanistan kills 3, injures 15

A bomb attack in Afghanistan’s northern region killed three university teachers and wounded 15 others.

The attack took place in Charikar, the capital of Afghanistan’s Parwan province (Parwan). A bus carrying staff from Al-Biruni University was attacked by a roadside bomb in Charikar on Saturday (May 29), killing three university teachers and injuring 15 others, a Parwan police spokesman said.

Hamed Obaidi, a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education, said some of the injured teachers were in serious condition.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Reuters said Afghan security forces, judges, government officials, civil society activists and journalists have been attacked in recent months by roadside bombs and small magnetic bombs mounted on the undersides of cars.

Three weeks ago, a bomb attack in front of a school in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killed 68 people and wounded 165, most of the dead being schoolchildren.

The Afghan government has typically blamed the Taliban for such attacks, but the Taliban has denied any involvement in them. Reuters said violence in Afghanistan increased significantly after the U.S. government announced last month that it would withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11 of this year.

The United Nations said fighting broke out between Afghan government forces and Taliban anti-government forces in the first three months of this year, killing and injuring nearly 1,800 Afghan civilians.