The U.S. and Europe virus traceability calls are growing, the Chinese Communist Party targets Japan to shift the focus

The United States and Europe called for further investigation into the origin of the 2019 coronavirus during the World Health Assembly, and China today turned its focus to Japan, saying it wants to discharge “nuclear wastewater” into the sea as a serious threat to global public health safety, while Japan replied that the law is transparent and consistent with science.

The World Health Assembly (WHA) has been in session since May 24 by video, and today entered its sixth day of meetings, including the prevention of public health emergencies and other issues have not yet been considered because of the large number of countries speaking, but many countries have taken a stand during the meeting, calling for further investigation of the origin of the new coronavirus.

But the Chinese delegate today turned his focus to Japan, saying that Japan wants to discharge “nuclear waste water” into the sea.

The Japanese delegate asked for a reply to the Chinese statement, saying that Japan’s approach is transparent, scientifically based and in line with international regulations, refuting China’s claims and emphasizing that the measures taken by Japan take into account safety, health and the environment.

Although China raised the issue of “nuclear wastewater,” the international community is now calling for further investigation into the origin of the virus, and the European Union issued a statement at the WHA on May 26 during a discussion of the outbreak preparedness project, stressing the need for a thorough investigation into the origin of the virus and how it spreads among humans in order to control the outbreak. U.S. President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) also said the same day, has ordered intelligence units to investigate the origin of COVID-19 (Chinese Communist virus), and submit a report to him within 90 days.